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    Talking Starting up Guild Wars again!


    It has been a while since I have played Guild Wars and I have decided to start it up again. I was wondering who else plays guild wars and if they want can list their character name here. My friend and I also started a guild[though it is not doing so well] and for anyone new or old you can join the guild if you want. Even though I have played the game for a while there are many things I still don't understand so it be nice to play with others again. Till next time...

    See ya!!
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    Re: Starting up Guild Wars again!

    I play Guild Wars. I was more into it in the summer, before I got TF2, but I still log on now and then. My main character's name is Alise Senoreal. She's a ranger.

    Oh, and I'm already in a great guild, otherwise I'd join yours.
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    Re: Starting up Guild Wars again!

    If you would like to check us out plz post a character name so we can add you to us.thanks
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