This section of the forum's are so we can share builds with each other and the growing community to have a better playing experience. Generally, the title should comprise of either the profession's for which the post is for, or if it's for a Team Build, should have the name or description of the team build for the title.

If there is a PvX article for it, a link to that article would be nice to have provided!

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My personal standard skillbar:
Light of Deldrimor
Final Thrust
Power Attack
Warrior's Endurance
Healing Breeze
Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
Pain Inverter
Resurrection Chant

Healing Prayers 6, Swordsmanship 11, Strength 12

Strength Helmet, Minor Strength Rune, Sup. Absorbtion, Sup. Vigor, 2 Attunements
Survivor on Chest, Radiant on Legs, and 1 Survivor/2 Radiants on the rest.