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    Re: More guides to make you not suck

    Juking has to be the most fun thing to do in the game. Hiding in the fow behind a tiny tree a TP'ing to base, blinking away into the trees from a BH ult.
    One time DDR`` was chasing me around a tree by the Hellbourne ancients for a good minute and I was under 100 HP. Sadly he killed me but it was awesome. It felt like playing tag when I was little when you are chasing somebody and they stand on the other side of a barrier so they move the same circular way you do.

    Runewhoring helps so much too as well as harrassing the idiot who bought boots and got no health items.
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    Re: More guides to make you not suck

    Its so nerve racking too! My heart beats so freaking fast
    aka Davkul

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