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Thread: Iron Man 3

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    Thumbs up Iron Man 3

    saw the movie on monday, overall i thought it was and ok movie but i really wasnt "wowed" of the new badguy or anything in the movie, I thought it would be better thought out with plot/characters. If your a die hard iron man fan then i guess go and see it! otherwise i would wait for it to come out on dvd or hbo, i truely think iron man 2 was better.

    *if you do go to see it wait untill the credits end for a short 30 second clip for the avengers 2
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    Re: Iron Man 3

    i like the movie overall, the one thing that was really annoying was the bad guys in this move. Their powers were was to simple and way to over powered. - anime | manga | reviews
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    Re: Iron Man 3

    I liked Iron man 3 more than Iron man 2, personally. But I agree with blaaam, the bad guy's powers seemed too simple and too overpowered. They really didn't make much sense.
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    Re: Iron Man 3

    I like all of them... The fact that Iron Man himself is also overpowered (Exoskeleton Suite + Jarvis), the bad guys powers is no match.
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