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    Seattle getting closer to get NHL and NBA team (again)

    After Seattle losing the Sonics to Oklahoma. A group of private investors and former NBA players have been working on trying to get another NBA team and NHL team to Seattle.

    Local News | Mayor: 'Full partnership' to build $500M arena | Seattle Times Newspaper

    With this we are one step closer.

    More excited for NHL. All I have to root for are the Canucks.... I want an american team with a roster ratio of 20 canadians to 3 americans.
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    Re: Seattle getting closer to get NHL and NBA team (again)

    Good luck! We built the Sprint center here in order to attract an NBA or NHL team, neither have materialized yet. That being said the Sprint center has been successful due to the amount of concerts and events. Would rather have an NHL team though.
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    Re: Seattle getting closer to get NHL and NBA team (again)

    puyallup here
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