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    Finally, a good pub match (3688176)

    Linkeh: WIP Match Replay

    Game turns 5v4 when lvl 11 Hammerstorm says "brb" and doesn't come back in 5 minutes (obviously nobody thought to pause). So our team decided (instead of conceding) to continue on with the game. Even though Bubbles kept unintentionally feeding (14 deaths WTFBBQ) (this is what happens when you continually go solo past level 10), we somehow pulled off a magnificent win. I think we even have one or two genocides in there.

    Game lasted 70 minutes, three people on my side (including myself) reached level 25. I managed to build an Astrolabe, Nome's Wisdom, Hellflower, and Frostwolf's Skull. Surpsringly (for me at least), I only died twice. I learned something from this game, though:

    I love playing support.

    A few things I could learn from this game, though: More wards. Don't think I bought enough as a support character. Also, healing priority. I believe I could've saved a few deaths if I would have healed so-and-so instead of whats-their-face.
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    Re: Finally, a good pub match (3688176)

    Finally you got a good match lol. It's so depressing when you have bad streaks with leavers and no wins. One thing we should start doing with wards is blocking the creep pull spawns especially when they have junglers.
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