I was just playing a game and found out the sickest counter to a cocky hero that overuses his blink, invis(scout or madman only NH cooldown too short) all you need is bait, a weak hero, and a cocky opponent and you are either Legionnaire or Swiftblade (legionaire can just use taunt but swift is cooler.
Right when the other hero blinks next to your hero and is overextended without an escape mechanism you either ult as swift and lol rape or use the spinny move and they are killed since your spin last as long as their cooldown making them take full damage. Hiding in the forest as one of your mates is being chased by magebane or some hero with a blink is awesome too. Wait for the hero to use blink to help chase your friend down and you ult them and they get wtfpwned. Check this replay out with me trying this stuff out. http://replays.heroesofnewerth.com/m...hp?mid=5492430Sadly, I never got the forest one to work as I misclicked magebane with the ult but you can see me setting it up well.
Other than this cool counter you could just use stuns and burst heroes like Pyro, Witch, and Deadwood.