For anyone who hasn't noticed, I'm on a mission to build guild influence so that we can gain access to all the new guild content. Whether or not we have people taking advantage of it, it's better to have the option than not.

If you want to contribute to this then I've a suggestion: doing the daily achievements is a good starting point. You now have a spread of things you can do, enabling you to spend more time doing what you like. Every time you complete the daily achievements, you get a laurel. Every time you complete the monthly achievements, you get ten laurels. The obvious temptation is to trade these in with a laurel merchant for guild commendations, but I've got an alternative suggestion.

It would take 16 laurels to get 2 letters of commendation, each of which add 1000 influence (note: this is the only option with the laurel merchant).

However, Heavy Crafting Bags are only 1 laurel each, and each one contains 3 tier six fine crafting materials. This means that, given current prices, every single Heavy Crafting Bag should be worth 25.5 silver at worst. Use 16 laurels and that works out at just over 4 gold. Again, this is the minimum based upon everything you get being the least valuable.

Given that buying Drinks for the City from a Guild Promoter costs 2 gold for 1000 influence, I trust you can see that taking Heavy Crafting Bags is the better option. Given some good drops it'll also make you some money too. After all, some of the tier 6 fine crafting materials are currently worth over 20 silver each.

Bear in mind that trade prices fluctuate, but you shouldn't have any problems checking on those before you trade your laurels in.