Patch notes


* [NEW] Tents can no longer be placed on concrete.
* [FIXED] Building checks for tent placement (No longer place tents in buildings).
* [FIXED] Tents now are one click place.
* [FIXED] Fixed function for checking if in buildings.
* [UPDATED] Vehicle repair menus now all replaced.
* [NEW] Vehicle menus now list all damaged parts no matter if you have the item or not.
* [NEW] Vehicle repair menus will now let you know the exact item you need to repair on failed repair attempts.
* [FIXED] Vehicle Damage is now fully working.
* [FIXED] Vehicle Killed is now in effect fully destroyed vehicles will now set correct in db.
* [FIXED] Tents Now add and remove from db.
* [FIXED] Food can no longer be consumed if the player does not have in inventory.
* [FIXED] water can no longer be consumed if the player does not have in inventory.
* [UPDATED] Updated UI control bug.
* [NEW] Toolbox is now needed for all repairs.
* [NEW] Alt-f4 is now locked and will only open your status menu.
* [Fixed] No longer possible to drink/eat/pitch a tent/put on clothes/build sand bags/cat wire/hedgehogs/consume medical supplies/free filled water without consuming the item.
* [FIXED] No longer possible to create axes out of thin air if you already have one
* [FIXED] Switching skins no longer repairs pain shakes/broken legs/resets/dupes/screws/resets ammo
* [FIXED] Duping no longer possible through zombie corpses/etc
* [FIXED] It should now be impossible for a new players spawns to spawn unconscious.
* [FIXED] You can no longer cook infinite free meat from camp fires
* [FIXED] Survivors should no longer pickup a single item at the same time and both receive it.
* [FIXED] You can no longer generate multiple tents while packing up a deployed tent.
* [FIXED] You can no longer change clothes/eat/drink/etc. while in a vehicle
* [UPDATED] ItemWire reduced from 0.06 to 0.01
* [UPDATED] PartEngine updated from 0.01 to 0.06
* [UPDATED] Version info is now displayed correct
* [NEW] New Combat System If you fire a weapon, then you go into combat. During combat, "ABORT" is disabled. (Need to look at the effects with high player counts)
* [NEW] Combat 30 sec timer on all combat actions.
* [FIXED] Zombie death animation is delayed (now it plays instantly)


* [NEW] HiveEXT.dll now replaced with our new version.
* [NEW] Official Hive login is now hard coded into the .dll
* [NEW] New Hive can now set ingame time to custom, local(local server time), static
* [FIXED] Object Gear syncs happen based on radius not just on menu.
* [FIXED] Vehicle Position is now updated with client position.
* [FIXED] Vehicles save fuel properly
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