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    Day Z standalone game progress


    I love day z and most everything about it. Minus the starting out without a weapon. BUT there is good news flowing out of the camps of Day Z. I will be buying this and playing it til I am a zombie.
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    Re: Day Z standalone game progress

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    Re: Day Z standalone game progress

    So looking forward to it, WarZ is basically a scam cash-in version of DayZ, really excited about the Standalone.
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    Re: Day Z standalone game progress

    they are hoping to get it out this year, if not it will be early next year - anime | manga | reviews
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    Re: Day Z standalone game progress

    Quote Originally Posted by Slotty View Post
    Minus the starting out without a weapon.
    Agreed! My first walk around in the game I saw some people,
    I was ready to shoot... and got beaten to death... No ammo, great lol.
    Never thought to check for it...
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