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    Official Battlefield 4 Rules - Updated 8/27/2013

    Official Rules for Battlefield 4 Servers

    1. No Hacking/Cheating
    Absolutely no Hacking/Cheating/Glitching or anything else considered unfair or not playing the game as developers intended.

    2. Disruption of Gameplay
    This is a blanket term for no chat spamming, destroying team vehicles so teammates cannot use them, deliberately annoying other players on the server, or anything else considered obnoxious or intolerable to other players.

    3. No Teamkilling
    Teamkilling is not allowed for any reason.

    4. No Racism
    Racism can include using slang or negative terms for another race in any communications on iO servers.

    5. No Advertising
    Advertising can include communicating links to other gaming communities, clans, or organisations; other VoIP servers
    (here's one for iO, you can also contact an admin here); or other game servers.

    6. No Stat Padding
    Stat padding of any kind is strictly forbidden on iO servers.

    7. No Admin Bashing
    This can include directly cursing out an administrator or negative comments toward an admin for malicious intent.

    8. No Admin Impersonation
    Impersonating an iO admin is strictly forbidden.

    These rules are in place for the benefit of the general population that play on our servers. While you may disagree with one or more of them, others may not. Please remember to follow the rules, and have fun!

    This is a live document and is for your reference. It may be updated at anytime without prior notice. It is your job to stay aware of the rules.
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