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Thread: Hurricane Sandy

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    Hurricane Sandy

    Hey guys - I just wanted to check in with my fellow people on the east coast here in the US. I'm doing ok - only my block got power back, no internet yet though (I'm at work writing this). The damage that this storm did to Long Island, NY and NJ is incredible. It will take a long time for pieces to be rebuilt. The wind and surge from the water coupled with the high tide was absolutely unbelivable. I know people that are a mile south of me who had 5 feet of water in their house. I also know people that were in other locations that had 12 feet of water in their house, some upto the second floor, very scary stuff.

    I hope everyone and their families are safe, but also your property and possessions are free from harm.

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    Re: Hurricane Sandy

    good to hear you are ok

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    Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Good to here your OK Nicky ! You are correct about the damage. I can not believe the destruction ! My hopes and prayers go out to all in need at this time.

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    Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Glad to hear you are okay
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    Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Thanks for the information Nick, it's good to hear that you're most widely unscathed.
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    Re: Hurricane Sandy

    We lost power/internet Monday night and cell service is non-existent by us right now. I had to head out and fill the generator during the peak of this storm. There was a moment where the wind picked up and every second for a solid 10 seconds I said, "Wow, that can't get blow any harder."
    I'm still amazed at how much the trees bent. I learned that while you don't have to fear mother nature, you better respect that bitch.

    We're on target to get power back by tonight or tomorrow night. I've had to stnad in line twice a day for about 45-60m a pop just to fill gas cans for the generator. Freezing my arse off and then having to carry 15 gallons of gas by myself 1/4 mile back up the road to my car, but I keep telling myself that despite the inconvenience, it's incredibly minor compared to what some people have lost.

    For the first 48 hours, until I went to work, I saw NOTHING of the devastation this storm left. I'm still watching the news now shaking my head. I work for our company's corporate office and we've been on generator now since Monday night. They don't anticipate getting power back for another 8 days. They have most of us working remotely to conserve as much fuel as possible. Costing them almost $5000 a day in diesel to keep our data center up.

    Hope any of you effected by this stay warm and safe. I'll finish enjoying the last hour or so I'm staying at a friend's house with power and heat and INTERNET!

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    Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Wow guys, i am glad to see that you are okay, and nobody is hurt, stay strong!
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    Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Watching the news is so depressing.. I hope all that all out East Coast Folk are safe..
    Who would of thought this could ever happen. Hopefully more of you guys check in safe and sound!
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    Re: Hurricane Sandy

    I just now this morning got to talk to all my family back in PA and they are all safe, I hope the same goes for the rest of yall back on the east coast

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    Re: Hurricane Sandy

    It's good to hear that you're (all) safe. I wish you well, but at this time of year I can't help but think of all the people who've lost their homes. Thinking of you from across the Atlantic.
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    Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Glad to hear everyone is safe. I have a few national guard friends deployed to places hit by Sandy. I hope recovery goes well!
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