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    iO Gaming Group for SC2:WOL and SC2:HOTS

    iO gaming now has an official group for SC2:WOL and SC2:Hots

    The newest patch revamped Bnet for the upcoming expansion pack Heart of the Swarm, and by doing that you can now make and join "Groups" and "clans" [groups are open to the public and clans are invite only.]

    You can find iO gaming's group buy searching for "iO Gaming" and its also found under "Online Communities" when browsing for groups or clans
    Donate to OUR community:
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    Re: iO Gaming Group for SC2:WOL and SC2:HOTS

    Good to see that iO is branching out to other games now. Gettin more people involved in those type of games. Hopefully gonna see new blood soon
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