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      • Motherboard: XFX 680i
      • Processor: Core 2 Duo 3.0
      • Memory: 4G G. Skill 1000
      • Video Card # 1: eVga 8600 GT
      • Hard Drive # 1: Bunch of Seagates
      • Hard Drive # 2: A Single Maxtor
      • Optical Drive # 1: Crap Generic SATA
      • Power Supply: Good brand, forget the name
      • Sound Card: Razer Barracuda
      • Monitor: Acer 22"
      • Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate (Free from

    Re: F'd in the A HARD... -drive failure

    twizzy, whats easy for you is not easy for someone else. successfully transplanting hard drive platters is by no means *easy* for most people.

    if you're a mechanical engineer, its one thing. if your a software designer its a completely different thing. no disrespect meant, but if someone has something extremely valuable, they could do more damage than good trying to fix it themselves.

    this right here comes to mind.

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    Re: F'd in the A HARD... -drive failure

    Get 1 year free from these guys. You don't actually have to be a carbonite subscriber, they don't check.

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