So I had let the family use my large laptop while I was on the road in my truck. I got a smaller 11" one for in the truck. Well as families will do they managed to totally bork the whole system and I never had time to mess with it so I just put it on a shelf. Well today I got bored and dug it out. I boot it up and notice the bios is from 2008....5 years ago! So I reinstall windows 7 and check it out as I forget what the specs were.

core 2 duo 2.6Ghz
radeon mobility 3870x2
4GB ram, haven't identified it yet for type and speed
intel 40GB sd drive for the OS
500GB storage drive

this poor thing has a cracked case, is missing 2 keys, has some kind of glitter nail polish on it (I suspect the 12yo daughter) and the dvd rw faceplate is missing. But it still seems to work and I'm hoping to start gaming on it as I'm getting tired of the 11" screen and have no place yet to set up my main pc (I'm claiming the 19 YO's bedroom when he finally moves out as my computer room.

I'm now in the process of moving 200+gigs of steam games from my other laptop onto an external hard drive so I can transfer them to this computer.

Only thing this laptop has that I haven't been able to get to work is a fingerprint scanner.