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    It's a lot better than fraps. I use it all the time.

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    yeaah i was wondering how people managed to record, since fraps lags so badly

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    If you want a good copy of fraps, adobe premier, or adobe after effects, shoot me a PM.
    (The download will be from rapidshare.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syntak View Post
    If you want a good copy of fraps, adobe premier, or adobe after effects, shoot me a PM.
    (The download will be from rapidshare.)
    hey its great that you said that, but i wouldn't SAY it as loud

    a super big no no. ;P

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    If you just type in record, but don't specify a name, does it still record anything?

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    Nope. Gotta put some kind of name, then if you want, you can just go in your Steam folder and rename it later.

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    Ok, so......after some thinking, I had decided to make a movie showing me, as a spy, doing my thing. This thread proved helpful, especially the wiki page. Then I found this video

    I originally found it as a zip file, with his results in it as well. I thought..... "WOW this is simple". I found the music I wanted, and started making demo's. So I go in to start smoothing, and....WTF!?!?!?!. My camera placement wouldn't take where I wanted it. After 2 days of trying I decided that I was going to give up, but then, more youtubeing, and


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    DWC, (or anyone who's made tf2 vids) have you had anymore luck with smoothing since you made this post? I've been able to set camera angles and make it pan just like in this video, but the problem is, my character becomes the camera. I haven't been able to find a turorial that allows the camera to move around my character and actually see him in third person view.

    I can enable third person view during the demo playback, but the second I try to move the camera, it moves my character. Anyone know a way around this? Thanks for any and all help.

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