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Thread: SW Battlefront

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    SW Battlefront

    So for i like the game i just wish they would give us a bit more with the beta.

    Who else is thinking about buying the game?
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    Re: SW Battlefront

    I'm playing it at the moment, it's cool, not $60 dollars cool, i'll probably get it when it's on sale or something. I still get a battlefield vibe with star wars skins unfortunately.

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    Re: SW Battlefront

    I am buying it for sure! Add me on Origin if you haven't already! lets get a good group of iO'ers together

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    Re: SW Battlefront

    I've already pre-ordered it. Thought it was fantastic. Played Alpha and Beta, does feel a bit like swtor BF, but that isn't a bad thing, actually kinda the point I think.
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