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    Official Website Bug Thread

    This thread was created for the reason if you guys come across any issues where say images are broken, missing, don't look right; or some functionality is missing that you think should be there or something is just not working like it should. Use this thread to post such instances and be sure to include as much detail as to how you produced the "bug" at hand etc etc and we will work on getting it fixed for you.

    The following format would be most helpful:

    Title of Bug:
    Description of Bug:
    What Browser and Version Used:
    Any other comments.

    Thanks for your continued support in making iO the best gaming community around!
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    Re: Official Website Bug Thread

    Title: "There are X-something comments:" blog comment bug.

    Discription: There's an added "-something" string right after the comment count var.

    Browsers: Firefox 3.6.2 and Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702IC

    Replication: Happens all the time.

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    Re: Official Website Bug Thread

    The link for the twitter... 36 hours left! doesn't let you click the link.
    If you press the for the twitter page you can see the link there but not on the iO site.
    I'm using the latest firefox
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    Re: Official Website Bug Thread

    What would be the punishment for abusing a bug?

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    Re: Official Website Bug Thread


    I went to add a comment on one of D_Moral pictures and I found a bug there.

    Error: Page not found

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    Re: Official Website Bug Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by RedNinja1337 View Post

    I went to add a comment on one of D_Moral pictures and I found a bug there.

    Error: Page not found
    take a look at this
    we are working on a new site.

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