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    iO website

    Last couple of days I've had some loading issues with the iO website...
    I click forums, it seems to search/ load, but nothing... or I wanna log out and nothing.
    It's not big issue for me, I just stay logged in and try later,
    but Im just wondering if more people have this issue or if it is on my end.
    I haven't noticed this with other websites...

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    Re: iO website

    Every morning for the last few! Took like 3 minutes just to finally get this single page to load.

    Either something is hitting the box early in the morning or somebody let Nicky work on the web server. I'd prefer the first of the two since there may still be a chance to fix it.

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    Re: iO website

    LOL - Yeah something is going on with the box. I'm working to get us a new box built.
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