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Thread: Hey Nicky

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    Hey Nicky

    Why leave this place up? I love that it is... but I still wonder why keep the webserver running? I've been asking myself if the day of the gaming community is dead or awaiting a revival.

    Also for everyone here I dedicate to you:
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    Re: Hey Nicky

    Quote Originally Posted by Slotty View Post
    Why leave this place up? I love that it is... but I still wonder why keep the webserver running? I've been asking myself if the day of the gaming community is dead or awaiting a revival.

    Also for everyone here I dedicate to you:
    Keep it running for everyone who checks in every once in a while hoping we can bring back some of the good old times
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    Re: Hey Nicky

    Just wait until Valve drops purple box with HL3, TF3, L4D3 and Portal 3.
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    Re: Hey Nicky

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    Re: Hey Nicky

    Ahhh, I was looking through some old shit in my closet and came across the poster we all got at the iO LAN in PA a long long time ago. Those were the good ol' days
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