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    Re: Fallout: New Vegas

    This game is even better than i expected or thought... After how great Fallout 3 was i didnt think it would be that different in weapons and everything... I thought it was going to be just a new map with the same old things to kill. It has a lot of great missions i still havnt beatin all of the story mode and have put more than 20 hours into just the main story mode... off topic its a great game and deserves the high ratings it got.
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    Re: Fallout: New Vegas

    Looked and felt like Fallout 3 too much for me to feel like it was much different. Kind of a let down to me.
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    Re: Fallout: New Vegas

    I couldn't get in to the game, Fallout 3 was much better.
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    Re: Fallout: New Vegas

    hmm i havent played it but i want to now
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    Re: Fallout: New Vegas

    Fallout 3 was amazing I know I have a ton of hours into it, but I got bored with new vegas within half an hour of playing. I guess it felt too much like the original but I can't see them making it any other way.
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    Re: Fallout: New Vegas

    Took me countless hours to beat FO:NV I'm to some degree a competitionist, so hours were spent just to do small portion of the game. There is a lot of quests to do in the game, realistically probably take you over 60 hours to beat it unless you speed through dialog.

    For me I generally don't like western setting games, I find them dull and drab which for me New Vegas definitely suffers from, but despite it, I still had a lot of fun with the game. First time I beat it was on Normal:Hardcore mode. Eventually I'm going to work on Hard:Hardcore ~ Not looking forward to Very Hard:hardcore :S

    My game crashes to desktop quite frequently even to today's date, but I think it has something more to do with games attached to steam. Doesn't happen to valve games (which makes sense).
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    Re: Fallout: New Vegas

    I loved the game. Felt more like a fallout game then fallout 3 ever did. Well worth the $10 and then some. Hardcore mode was a joke. Food and water is so easy to come by. The only annoyance was ammo having weight which was only an annoyance for early on.
    Playing Very Hard/hardcore is tough only at the start of the game. Once you get high enough level (where you're pretty much invincible unless you butcher your build) it presents a slight challenge, but still easy. Instead of one shotting everything, it takes 2 or 3 shots. Oh no, what will you do if it's taking up twice the ammo? Oh, that's right. Nothing. Because just like food and water, ammo is easy to come by.

    Regardless, if this type of game is your thing you'll love it. Just don't let fallout 3 ruin it for you. While still an ok game, fallout 3 didn't feel like fallout.

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    Re: Fallout: New Vegas

    Quote Originally Posted by ColdRush View Post
    Fallout 3 was amazing I know I have a ton of hours into it, but I got bored with new vegas within half an hour of playing. I guess it felt too much like the original but I can't see them making it any other way.
    Me too.

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    Re: Fallout: New Vegas

    The DLC for new vegas is kinda dissappointing so far, altho Old World Blues was decent, had a fo3 feel to it that most og NV didnt, also heard a rumor that there might be 4 more dlc planned for next year, making it a total of 8 dlc for it
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    Re: Fallout: New Vegas

    This game is very fun..
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