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    My 2 hour in mini dead island review. What I think so far..

    -I posted this reply on another thread I made I hope its ok I made a new post-

    So far I'm loving it. The game does not remind me of L4D or dead rising. Sure its got co-op but how many other games have that. Yes you can craft weapons, But how many other games have a crafting system of some type?. I'm sure if zombies did hit we would all get a little creative lol. Its has some bugs and I have read about the game being a xbox dev version or a straight up unfinished version. but I did read that the company worked on the PC version alongside the xbox/ps3 versions so if its is an unfinished copy im sure they will fix the error.. So far nothing has got in my way to enjoy the game. I'm only a couple of hours in but so far its been fine. The talent tree's are great and give you something to work for. The gore and graphics are fantastic. The voice acting is a little over done but it reminds me of how great the first Resident evil's voice acting "was". In the end you can't just rely on reviews like I was gonna do. I was not going to pick up this game after reading mainly the same problems from a few diff reviews but I can say I'm very happy I picked it up. I haven't done any real Co-op in-game yer as I was trying to get a feel for the game before I wanted to team up with someone. If anyone from around here has the game post in this thread maybe we can get some co-op going today!!
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    Re: My 2 hour in mini dead island review. What I think so far..

    Good to see someone with positive feedback! This certainly changed the way I feel about the game. Everyone's been saying things about the unfinished releases and whatnot, but I take it that isn't too big of a problem anymore.
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    Re: My 2 hour in mini dead island review. What I think so far..

    dead island is a such a great game.
    there are tons of glitches that need to be patched however.

    they need an easier way to initiate co-op sessions. its synced with steam, but not %100.

    in co-op games, people can go off on their own and complete missions separately. think of it like 4 people playing single player on the same map. they need to have some sort of limitation.

    but anyway. im not complaining. its a fun game. cant compare it to l4d. its just different.
    definitely worth the money so give it a go.

    btw i recommend the 4 pack. its cheaper. lol
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