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Thread: Metro 2033

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    Metro 2033

    I watched the trailer and Steam had it on sale, so I figured I'd give it a try. The following is a true story.

    Very good overall. Having played many first person shooters, I expect a certain quality and this game had it. Very realistic weaponry, though the weapons at the start seemed underpowered, but it did get much better. It does however have an RPG element to it. You have to purchase medkits, gas filters (more on those in a minute), and ammo. You purchase these and other equipment by using what is called military grade ammo. The problem is that in a firefight, if you run out of normal ammo or dirty ammo, you are not going to swing the knife when the military ammo can be loaded into the weapon, so there goes some of the purchasing power. On the plus side, it is more powerful.

    There are numerous points in the game where you must wear a gasmask in order to breathe. As you are wearing the mask, you go through filters. Sometimes one cannot find enough filters, or maybe I forgot to buy enough at the store. While I became frustrated at times with this, a few reloadings and some adapted strategy and I was able to make it through. Many times there were filters hidden, and just had to be found.

    Graphics and sound:
    Superb, my computer defaulted to DX9 upon the initial start, and the main screen looked pretty good. When I changed it to DX10, it looked phenomenal. There also are options for DX11 graphics, but I was unable to access that screen.

    A couple times it did slow my GTS 250 down in certain conditions, but did not make the game unplayable. The sound was great, many times sound depth, i.e. surround sound came in very handy and the game did not disappoint.

    I would highly recommend this game. It was very long, which I am thankful for as I enjoyed most elements of it. There are interludes in the action which may seem slow to some but does provide nice comfort. It incorporates a post apocalyptic Earth very well in these environments.

    The enemies are smart, and very tough at times. Stealth can be used to help out, which I don't always like but looking back, was not that bad. If you're looking for a game that watches its language, this is not the one for you. The characters really didn't hold back.... Other than that, it was awesome!
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    Re: Metro 2033

    Couldn't agree more!

    Just finished a play through of this game a few weeks back. Got it on one of the many steam sales for $5; more then my money's worth out of it. Unless you have a DX11 card (which the 250's are not) you won't be able to access the dx11 features which, from what I've sen on screenies and videos, doesn't offer anything that'll wow you.

    The game engine's codename was GPUrapist2033. I had to turn the settings to normal at 1600p to make the game playable. High looked nicer and the frame rate wasn't terribly bad, but I'll take a much smoother experience over the little added eye candy at 20-30fps.

    Settings at max violated my gpu's. They literally caught fire (ok, not really) but man... game looked AMAZING at that level of detail.

    Regardless, you'll get at least 8 - 12 hours out of the game and if you pick it up on sale, it'll be a steal.

    Couldn't agree more!

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    Re: Metro 2033

    Thanks for the review. I was on the fence. It looks like an amazing SP game, but it's just that, SP. Seems worth it though.
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    Re: Metro 2033

    I actually got this game but I never put in hours on it. I only use it to test my hardware's stability. Apparently it's good for testing overclocked video cards.
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    Re: Metro 2033

    wow, Got this game can't stop playing..
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    Re: Metro 2033

    Please stop necro threading - posts like this usually don't count anyways. Thanks.

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