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Thread: Diablo III

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    Diablo III

    I had started playing some Diablo III when they released it the other day and I would have to say that it is AWESOME. The story behind it is really good and the gameplay is very smooth. The 3D animation is so realistic just like it was real people acting. I recomend this game to anyone.
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    Re: Diablo III

    The story is very derivative. The gameplay is the same as D2. Yes, it has better graphics than diablo 2, but its not on par with most modern games.

    Its just a follow up to D2. Its not "game changing" like D2 was to D1.

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    Re: Diablo III

    The story well this is my opinion anyway, the story made no sense what so ever other then (SPOILERS) ( SPOILERS) Diablo going to heaven and F'ing the place up. Das about the only sense I got out of that but gameplay wise It's really fun murdering things!
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    Re: Diablo III

    D3 was a MASSIVE disappointment to me. I played Diablo 1 and 2 for years and years and I was so upset with how this game was turned into nothing but a money grabber that I quit 2 weeks after release and refunded. It didnt even feel like Diablo by any means, it was more like WoW / entirely new game.
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