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    Just downloaded and installed going to saee how it is. If anyone has feedback on it already let me know
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    Re: Neverwinter

    Good Game. A lot like tera but also like WoW. Some good mechanics for PVE and I bet they are great in PVP. Just watch your pairing of Race/Class as it may become important at some point down the road. A few extra points never hurt. However there is some haptic quest selections, that can be jarring at times. Realizing your party members can get quests you can't and they can't be shared takes you both away from each other in level and play time. I haven't gotten to end game but I imagine it is rock solid too. However how many times can you do the same thing in a new game as you did in an old one without yawning too ferociously. Other than that it's beautiful graphics matched by solid gameplay.
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