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    Ok..What Do you think About "Killing Floor?"

    May 14 Killing Floor come out and I wanted to see if it will be a worth while game to buy.. I have seen one of the teasers and it looks ok..Just seems to be a knock off version of L4D..Only diffierence I see it has different weapons and more gore when you kill the different zombies..But the main thing is that it has the ever so popular Chainsaw Anyone has any input on this game??
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    It is ok, has melee which is fun. Levels are somewhat fun when you play with other people, and I like the idea of weight capacity affecting your running speed. ZPS did good with that too. Unless you know other people interested in this, I wouldn't advise purchasing it...

    Just mah thoughts =D
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    I play it with my friends. It's not too fun otherwise. I highly recommend it if you have people to play with.

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    It's kind of a knock off L4D, slightly different concept but still killing an overwhelming amount of zombies through "rounds" I enjoy playing it over L4D simply becasue it's easy to get into a game and I can see my ping before connecting. The graphics aren't great (compared to L4D) but for the price it was worth it. I'd wait a few months until its $9,99. They did do a few updates the first couple of days to fix bugs/exploits and there is now a SDK to make your own map so it has potential. Weapons are better than L4D, chainsaw, flamethrower, hunting bow etc..
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    great song by howlin' wolf. fuck led zep.
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    Its pretty fun in MP. SP sucks in KF. The Music is great to the game. I agree it is better with friends just about every game is. I recently hosted a lan @ my house. We played cod4 and css for hours on end and then around 9 everyone loaded up their copy of KF and we finished off with a contest of who was the best.

    heh heh ^^ I failed.. but it was a good turn out... My friend Night Fox had wrecked the place and won.
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    Re: Ok..What Do you think About "Killing Floor?"

    it was fun for some hours but then u get tired of it real soon. killing floor is one of the worst game i ever played lol i dont recommend it
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    Re: Ok..What Do you think About "Killing Floor?"

    I had a friend get me to buy it since I was a huge L4D fan. this game was fun for a bit but not nearly as much fun as L4D or L4D2
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