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    Wink Server Rates Changed - Read how to optimize your connection to iO!

    Once again iO Gaming is striving to make a better gaming experience for everyone (I'm sure a lot of you might have heard about this already via telephone, telegraph and tell Wildfire) that I have changed the rates on the TF2 Servers. So what does this mean for you? Those who have a low end computer and/or internet connection, probably not a lot. For those with a mid to high end system and a decent connection you will see much smoother game play and better shot registration with a few tweaks to your autoexec.cfg.

    For those of you that have played TF2 a lot, you have experienced the weird dichotomy between your PC's frame rate, and the frame rate of all of the multiplayer entities in the game. It seemed as if the animations of other players, ubers, teleportation, opening of doors, etc wasn't moving nearly as smooth on your computer as it was being rendered in the game "world" itself. This is because your computer is not processing all the packets recieved by the gameserver in a timely manner and actually missing "moments in time" that happen in the "world" while your pc was away trying to process the packets it already has. (otherwise known as CHOKE)

    The "world" gameserver updates to all it's clients every "tick" and a tick cycle happens every second. The max tick rate on a TF2 server is 66 so the gameserver sends out packets 66 time per second. So for all intensive purposes 1 tick = 1 frame per second (FPS) for a max of 66 FPS. That being said, you are completely limited by your PC's frame rate. You can't receive updates from the server faster than your computer can render them. (Remember 1 frame per second = 1 tick). The game's state is only updated ON YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER once per frame.

    As has always been the case in FPS games, frame rate is life. If you want to be competitive, meaning not at a disadvantage, your game cannot fall below 66 frames per second (Using our server rates as an example). When it does, you get choke, and the guy sniping you from across the map who is running 66 frames per second, is now getting updated on your position faster than you are getting updated on his position - he has an advantage.

    If you have to, sacrifice graphical quality to keep your average frame rate as high as possible. Remember that your frame rate will plumment on the 2Fort bridge with 32 players running around with shit blowing up left and right, so don't set your graphics settings based off of running around by yourself in spawn in an empty server.

    Check your settings:

    Remember, if you have a low end computer and/or a low end internet connection you should leave your settings as is. Otherwise:

    First type "net_graph 3" into the console. This gives you a color graph with connection and frame rate information at the lower right of your screen. Check your results before you make any changes. (When you are done, turn it off with "net_graph 0"). In this graph are 3 important things: Your FPS, Choke, and Loss. FPS is self explanatory. Loss is packet loss; this is out of your control but tells you the quality of your connection to the server. If you see anything more than 0, your connection is dropping packets. Dropped packets is bad. With a good connection you should not see any loss on our servers. Don't play on some other crappy server or those in far away places, this will increase your chance of packet loss and bad game play.


    Choke is the money shot. Choke is what happens when your PC can't accept updates from the server as fast as you are telling it to. Often this is because your frame rate fell below what your updaterate is set to. When this happens your PC is literally FALLING BEHIND the game "world" causing a line to be formed and the server stops sending you information until you've processed all the updates that it has been sent already and are waiting in line to be displayed by your PC. Choke is very bad. It is what causes you to be alive, happily running around one second and looking at the wall in respawn the next without seeing what happened in between. Any amount of choke puts you at a disadvantage, as you are effectively playing the game in the past, or at least missing out on key frames of information, and just witness the end result.

    Tailoring your settings:

    Now type the following commands into the console:

    rate 65000

    cl_interp_ratio 1

    cl_interp 0.015

    cl_updaterate 66

    cl_cmdrate 66

    Now check your results in net_graph 3 again and adjust if required.

    "cl_updaterate 66" is the max update rate on our server. That setting controls how many updates your computer is asking for every second. If you try to set it higher on our server, it will just automatically force it to 66. Other servers can allow more/less.

    The idea is set to set it as high as possible until you start getting choke, then backing it down a little bit. If you have a fast PC and you never drop below 66 FPS, then start by setting cl_updaterate to 66, and see how that goes. If you still are getting choke, click on the NewEgg link at the top of the forum page and order a faster system. In the meantime though you'll still need to back off your udpaterate setting. Keep backing it off until you almost never see choke going higher than 1 or 2, even with multiple players on your screen firing and doing crazy shit. Disregard any choke you see at the very beginning of a round however, as there is a ton of data flying around the server and does not represent typical game play.

    After you find the best cl_updaterate setting, change your "cl_cmdrate" to the same thing.

    Those with a higher ping might want to raise the cl_interp a little.

    You can check out this post here which has more on interp settings:

    TF2 - Network/Registration Tweaks

    Note: Changing these rates might have an effect on your FPS and PING causing the numbers to be "true". Just remember as long as you never drop below 66 FPS you are not missing anyting.

    Thanks to 6ZZA for helping me "test" the rates and to Wildfire for constantly annoying me
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    Nice work uncivl to all your "Hard work" and time you spend on making our game play the best out there!
    Kudos to you my friend !

    sig by Grudge
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    thanks brosky :P
    EDIT; jackpot post lol [777]
    NiCkYNiTRO: you litlte hot man
    NiCkYNiTRO: so hot
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    Me: *blows rape whistle*
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    Sucks for me

    My computer can run crysis on medium high settings but can't run tf2 over 20 fps. I have all my settings on low and it still takes a dump on tf2. Every other game I have (SUN Online, WoW, Gunz, etc...) runs on the highest settings possible with maxed AAs. I have keys set for increasing and decreasing interp when I want it to but I still get jumpy people on highest interp possible. I do have an older computer but still... It's starting to piss me off with tf2. (Im contemplating beating the crap out of it with the sandman and selling it on eBay as a time machine for 300 bucks. -.-)

    AMD/ Athlon 64+ bit processor
    2.00 gHz (I have it over clocked to 2.7)
    ViewSonic 16" screen
    2g RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 3850 AGP (yeah I know. I have agp bus) 512mb MDDRAM / 300 mHz processor, 729 mHz memory ram (over clocked to 720/ 989 MHz
    Windows XP Home edition (newly reformatted)
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    Boom... Headshot.
    Quote Originally Posted by WaffleFlavouredBacon View Post
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    TF2 sig for me please? =d
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    Thanks Uncivil once again, you are like superman always to the rescue
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    So I don't think it's accepting the commands i'm putting in. anything special i need to do to allow this?
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    I have defintly notcied the increased shots have actually been killing things. (It's either that or i just got a hell of a lot better at aiming in about 20 seconds after Uncivil updated it)

    I want to say thank you to Uncivil and everyone who has helped him in making the servers awesome!!!

    Bigg: Its my Uber and if I want to die with it your gonna have to deal with it.
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    Epic thread is now epic stuck thread. Great explanation, and great job Civ!

    "Time doesn't always heal, it just breathes and swallows memories."
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    Good news everyone! I hope everybody can play TF2 without any issues now

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    All I can really do is complain because I can't physically change things, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, this time it did.

    If you use my FPS Config you're going to need to manually edit the cl_interp_Ratio to 1 and the "Rate" to 65000. If you do not do this you're not going to be able to edit Interp, Interp Ratio or Rates as it will automatically change itself every time you close / open the game.

    Fixed Rates

    rate 65000
    cl_cmdrate 67
    cl_updaterate 67
    cl_interp 0.01
    cl_interp_ratio 1
    fps_max 300

    Dez Moines Bitches =/= WildFire, watch out for my shots that actually register now.
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    This helped my gameplay quite a bit
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      • Sound Card: Sigmatel Audio
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      • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1 Build 2600)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MC Cubes View Post
    So I don't think it's accepting the commands i'm putting in. anything special i need to do to allow this?
    As long as it doesn't feed back an Unknown Command error, you should be fine. If you type up the first part of the command excluding the variable (like 66 or 30000), it will show you what the current setting is.
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    I wish this helped me. I was laggin all over the place no matter what I changed it to. Even when I reset to the default settins was laggin.
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    Your the man, thanks for the info
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    After typing in what uncivil told us to, i ended up dominating 7 people and becoming top on my team first game. THANKS UNCIVIL
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