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Thread: Reptile Video

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    Reptile Video

    Awesome soldier video for those who haven't found it yet.
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    That guy is douche. He cuts it out before he dies, how lame is that.

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    That was nuts. I liked how he'd knock them in the air with rockets and then kill them with a shotgun before they even touched the ground.
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    Reptile is an awesome soldier, played against him alot in both TF2 and TFC. He plays for Pandemic, currently the #1 ranked team in the world.

    Alot of soldiers in the upper clans can consistently pull off all the shots you see in that video. Playing against it is how you learn how to do it. Also, playing soldier guarding top C on gravelpit is great practice, especially on the dustpit server
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    For those of you who think you can play soldier well enough, check out the Basketball map. Narink introduced it to the competitive team last night, then some of his friends hopped on. My God, there's some skills there I won't master for a while. I've already learned that the shotgun is a VERY important part of being a good soldier.

    I've yet to watch the video, but I'm sure it'll "wow" me.
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