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    iO TF2 Server Rules - *UPDATED 5/21/09*

    Server Rules

    Revision history:
    01/14/09 - added language about sniper healing.
    02/01/09 - added language regarding exploits.
    05/21/09 - removed rules against sniper healing on 2fort battlements and uberlinking.

    Anyone who violates any of the following rules is subject to a kick or ban without warning. Warnings will typically be issued, but discretion in dealing punishments is left to the enforcing administrator.

    Players are expected to keep their language acceptible and treat fellow players with respect at all times. Use of discriminatory slurs or sprays will not be tolerated and will result in punishment without warning. This includes, but is not limited to, slurs based on gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual preference.

    Insulting teammates or other players for any reason will also not be tolerated. No matter how poorly a player is performing, you will not berate them. Inform an admin of any players actively violating these rules.

    Players are expected to actively work toward achieving the objective with their team.
    Communication is necessary for teamwork.
    Any Admin communication attempts must be responded to. If you ignore Admin communication you risk removal from the server.

    Spawn Camping:
    Spawncamping on the iO servers refers to actually being inside the enemy spawn (The area designated by the map as a respawn point). This practice is prohibited on the iO TF2 servers.

    This does not reference sitting outside the spawn waiting for the team to exit. As of right now: Camping the exterior of the spawn is acceptable on the iO:TF2 servers.
    Note: If the respawn area only has a single exit, excessive waiting and spamming outside the spawn will be addressed by an Admin.

    Hacks and Scripts:
    Any player or member using scripts, hacks or exploits will result in an immediate ban. This is a hard fast rule due to the constant problems in game.

    Weapon/Class Restrictions:
    There are restrictions on certain classes. Players may spam grenades and rockets to their hearts content and use any combination of classes their team desires within the server limits. If a team is struggling against certain tactics, they should formulate a counter. Complaining is not an option.

    The blocking of elevators and doors is an exploit that can completely deny a team from utilizing a strategic feature of a map, or in some cases can block off an objective entirely. Inhibiting the intended operation of an elevator or door with one's body or movable objects is forbidden. Blocking hallways and open entry-ways is acceptable.
    Building teleporters that go nowhere or are placed to catch team members unaware and move them across the map is NOT Acceptable.

    Many TF2 maps have areas which are commonly known as "exploit spots". In some cases, the exploit spot is obviously not meant to be accessed, such as placing sentries underneath a map where they cannot be seen or destroyed unless the attacking player also uses the exploit.

    More commonly, the "exploit" spot is a narrow windowsill, lampost, or visible/invisible ledge that a rocket/sticky jumping player is able to reach. For these spots, there is often fierce debate among players as to whether the spot has been intentionally placed in the game by Valve, or whether it is an oversight and the spot should not be able to be accessed.

    Since maps are constantly being tweaked by valve, and new "exploits" are being discovered or patched every day, it is not possible to develop a comprehensive list of every debatable spot on every map released by valve or private developers.

    Therefore, iO will have a general policy on map exploits as follows:

    1. If a player is standing or partially standing on VISIBLE structure, and can be seen and killed by other players, they may tactically utilize the spot.

    2. If a player is standing on INVISIBLE structure (which will be judged by whether the soles of their shoes can be seen) they may be asked to stop utilizing the spot, even if they can be seen and killed by other players.

    There will never be 100% consensus regarding visible/partially visible/invisible structure. Players will always be asked/warned to stop using a spot an admin judges as an exploit. If an admin asks a player to stop utilizing a particular spot, the player must comply immediately. THIS IS NOT OPEN FOR DEBATE IN GAME. Nobody in game is interested in the finer points of game design, invisible polygons, or what the valve developers were supposedly thinking when they designed the map. Debate about a particular spot may be taken to the forums, but players MUST IMMEDIATELY ABIDE BY THE ADMIN'S DECISION IN GAME.

    Failure to comply in-game with the exploit policy will follow the usual chain of events including a temporary ban of 1 day, then 1 week, and then a permanent ban.

    Zero Tolerance Towards Sexual Harassment
    All right you knuckleheads, we have received a couple reports lately of some of our female players receiving some unwelcome and sexually harassing comments in game.

    We are fortunate, even BLESSED that we have a perhaps higher than normal amount of women who decide that they would like to make iO their home. And yet, there are some players who feel the need to say stupid shit to them.

    Just as a reminder, there is a ZERO tolerance policy towards sexual harassment of our female players. You will receive ONE and ONLY ONE warning before being permanently banned. If there is no admin in game, and we hear about something that happened, and it's a he said/she said situation, we are going to take the side of the female player and you are OUT.

    I can't believe that I even have to post this warning. What kind of an idiot would try to drive away the few women that participate in online FPS games? Is your budding masculinity so fragile that it gets threatened by a woman killing you in a game?

    In Conclusion:

    NOTE: The server rules can change at any time, so please keep yourself updated with this thread. If you feel items not listed here need to be addressed please contact an Admin.
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