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    Contests: L4D2 Two Copy Giveaway!

    Ok guys, this just in (and I apologize for the last minute post on this, but better later than never as we wanted to get it in before the official launch of L4D2!):

    Left 4 Dead 2: Two Copy Giveaway across ALL 7 [iO] Gaming Servers

    The servers the contest will be available in are:
    [iO] 24/7 2Fort #1 | Instant Respawn: Connect ip:
    [iO] 24/7 2Fort #2 | Instant Respawn: Connect ip:
    [iO] Arena Badlands/Lumberyard with All Arena RTV: Connect ip:
    [iO] Dust/Gravel/Steel | Short Respawn: Connect ip:
    [iO] 24/7 Badlands | Short Respawn: Connect ip:
    [iO] 24/7 Goldrush/Badwater | Short Respawn: Connect ip:
    [iO] 24/7 2Fort Engi Power | Instant Respawn: Connect ip:

    Re-work by [iO] D_Morals - Original artwork by Kotaku

    We will be awarding two players in our servers based off of the Daily HLStats Awards (which can be viewed here: iO Gaming HLStatsX - Team Fortress 2 - Awards Info ). The two categories we will be awarding for are:

    1. Most Kills: - [iO] Equipto

    2. Most Medic Kill Assists: (for all you unselfish medics out there :P) - ConeBone

    THREE Consolation Prizes of Gold Benefits (these benefits can be viewed here: iO Gaming - Donate ) will be given away for the following three awards chosen by Slotty:

    3. Say No to Sentries!: - Equipto

    4. Uber Eliminator: -

    5. King Of Vengeance: -

    These awards will be calculated at 12:00 AM EASTERN on November 17th based off of Today's (November 16th) gameplay.

    There are a couple small stipulations however:
    1. You must be registered on this website.
    2. You must have at least 2 hours of playtime on our servers (which can be collect during the contest)
    3. You must not already own a copy of Left4Dead 2.
    4. You must be a member of the Official [iO] Gaming STEAM Group: Steam Community :: Group :: The Official iO Gaming
    5. The copy will be sent to the STEAMID of the account of the people who actually won the award.
    6. Play hard, play fair. We will have admins around at all times starting now to make sure fair play is taking place. [iO] reserves the right to disqualify anyone at their own discretion at any time.

    This event was sponsored by [iO] Slotty - so if you see him wish him a very huge thank you for making this possible!

    Any questions about the event, please post away. See you on the servers because the calculations start NOW!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for participating in another iOGaming exclusive contest. Help support our cause of a bs-free gaming environment full of win and keep these contests going by donating at: iO Gaming - Donate
    iO Founder and CEO
    Donate to OUR community:

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    Another amazing contest! This is your last chance to get L4D2 for free and play with us in release day. I preordered my L4D2 copy weeks ago, so I don't need it, but I want to see more iOers tomorrow playing L4D2.

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    I have been a killin away, but I hafta sleep and will probably sleep most of the day so I probably don't have a chance to win this, but I'll try!

    Edit: Forgot to add, I'm an insomniac, so I stay up an untold amount of hours and then sleep them. This however, was bad timing for that to happen >.>

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      • Video Card # 1: XFX 4870 1gb 810/1100 watercooled
      • Hard Drive # 1: 2x 36gb Raptors RAID-0 (used for game installations)
      • Hard Drive # 2: 2x 360gb WD RAID-1
      • Hard Drive # 3: 500gb Seagate 7200.11
      • Hard Drive # 4: 250gb WD SE16
      • Optical Drive # 1: Samsung DVD writer
      • Power Supply: PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750
      • Sound Card: SupremeFX X-Fi
      • Monitor: Samsung 245BW 24" 1920x1200
      • Operating System: Vista home premium 64
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    Nice graphics there to whoever made that up. Good luck everyone!

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      • Hard Drive # 1: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB
      • Hard Drive # 2: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB
      • Hard Drive # 3: WD caviar black 640gb
      • Hard Drive # 4: WD caviar black 640gb
      • Power Supply: Coolermaster modular 850w
      • Sound Card: Asus Xonar DX (pci-e)
      • Monitor: Benq G2420HDBL 1920x1080
      • Operating System: Windows 7 x64
      • Headset: Bose earbuds
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    Steam ID: d_morals HLSTATS ID: 536
    Get to killing people!!! Time is a waistin' !!!!

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    AHhhh I so wanna enter haha

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      • Video Card # 2: Radeon HD 4870
    Steam ID: woke HLSTATS ID: 348
    bah. Wont be able to play today =\ Oh well super job hunt time
    - woke

    Thanks luna for siggy =D
    «Food or woke? I'll have woke.»

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    It may be alittle against the rules.. but if anybody is really unable to play today.. lemme know. Perhaps I can play on your behalf and get you the game

    I sit upon my cushion of wisdom and chew the biscuits of happy.. and distribute the tail wag of knowledge

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      • Processor: Intel i7 920
      • Memory: 6 gb ocz 1800 mhz
      • Video Card # 1: EVGA 460 GTX
      • Video Card # 2: EVGA 460 GTX
      • Hard Drive # 1: Crucial Real 300 64gb SSD
      • Hard Drive # 2: 1 TB Western Digital Cavier Black
      • Hard Drive # 3: 1 TB Samsung Spinpoint
      • Hard Drive # 4: 640 GB Western Digital Cavier Black
      • Optical Drive # 1: Samsung Combo drive
      • Power Supply: Kingwin 1000W
      • Sound Card: X-fi Fatal1ty Titanium Professional
      • Monitor: Sceptre 20.1 inch LCD
      • Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
      • Headset: Icemat Siberia & Fatal1ty Professional HS-980

    cool stuff

    may the best man win

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      • Case: Corsair Obsidian 800D
      • Motherboard: Asus Maximus III Formula LGA1156
      • Processor: Intel Core i7 860 @ 2.8 GHz
      • Memory: 12gb 1600mhz
      • Video Card # 1: Sapphire HD 6950 2GB
      • Hard Drive # 1: Corsair Force Gt SSD 120gb
      • Hard Drive # 2: Seagate 250gb
      • Hard Drive # 3: Seagate 500gb
      • Optical Drive # 1: Super Write Master DVD Rom
      • Power Supply: OCZ ModXStream 700W Modular
      • Sound Card: Creative X-FI 7.1
      • Monitor: Dell 22" Widescreen
      • Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
      • Headset: Creative Fatal1ty
    Steam ID: n3uteRized
    Already have it pre ordered but good luck :P

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    another great contest... awsome

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    damnit have an annotation due tmr so can't play
    gl to everyone else!

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    Unfortunatly, its a bit unfair. Id LOVE a copy of L4D2, I need to update the guide after all, but I dont know If Ill be able to get it without this, and after all, not everyone can play all day, especially on a weekday.
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    Great contest! Thanks Slotty for the chance to win L4D2

    I'm going to speed through my work and see if I can get some playtime in

    Made by Grudge Retort, King of Sigs

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    Well, SOMEONE just pressured me into purchasing it, so I don't qualify. And medic is my favorite class, too, so I'm sure I would've won. But no matter, I haven't been on all day anyway.

    Good luck to the winners!

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