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    CONTEST! HL2 & HL2:Ep1

    I've had Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 1 as giftable games for quite a while and I figured you guys could compete to win them.

    The contest will be based on creativity. Create something humorous or impressive based on the following themes I enjoy: Portal, iO, TF2, me. You can use any medium you want to create something interesting (ex: Garry's Mod, Minecraft, a picture, a very realistic Chell costume, etc.).

    The contest will last until Thursday, August 18th at 10pm CENTRAL time. Once the deadline is hit, I will judge the entries and pick my TWO favorites and the respective entrants will recieve their games. When you post your entry, name the game you're playing for, you cannot win both. If the winners both want the same game we can work something out.

    - Must be made by you (provide some form of evidence in your post)
    - Muse be original (as in the entire work as a whole)
    - Post the game you're playing for, a link to your creation, and provide evidence
    - Entries posted after 10 pm central time are disqualified

    Note: If you make something in Garry's Mod or Minecraft you can either make a video, take a screenshot, or provide a link to the map.

    Good luck everyone!

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