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Thread: Introduction

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    Hello iO,

    I needed to introduce myself at some point, so sooner is better then later.

    I have been around since BF3 days. I've met quite a few members that are fun / quite welcoming (Inbound, Pope, Dnazcul, Sjbushido). I appreciate the servers you have, and hope you continue to provide them. BF4 has not lived up to my expectations for the series, so i apologize for not putting much time towards it lately on your servers. I do look forward to seeing you on the battlefield when i do make the time though. Cheers.

    P.S. Bring back a Karkand server if you ever have the chance! It was the most fun I've had in a long time
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    Re: Introduction

    Hey Fox welcome, its about time. Good see you. We are still trying to keep it alive so were around for the next one but alot of people feel the same way. Im not a fan of rotation servers either but its all we can afford is the one and its too late to change anything. See ya man.
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    Re: Introduction

    to iO!
    Yoda says: "With you may the grammar be. Yes hmmm."
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    Re: Introduction

    Hey, welcome to the forums!
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    Re: Introduction

    Welcome fox!
    "Hey girl, iO servers never go down... but I do."
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    Re: Introduction

    FOX!!!!! Glad to see you here.
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    Re: Introduction

    What about me?! :/ jk, I haven't really been around in a while. Trying to fix that. Welcome to iO, hope to see you around!
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