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    HLXCE and SuperLogs:TF2 updated

    HLXCE has been updated to the lastest release: 1.6.13

    HLstatsX Community Edition 1.6.13
    January 22, 2011
    + GameSupport: Added missing headshot action, awards, and ribbons to HL2DM (psychonic)
    + General: Added total teamkills to player tracking (psychonic)
    + General: Added teamkills and kill/death streaks to player session tracking (psychonic)
    + General: Added more new special award possibilities, "connectiontime", "killsteak", and "deathstreak" (psychonic)
    + Web: Added teamkills to ingame statsme webpage (psychonic)
    ? GameSupport: Updated many recently-changed TF2 weapon codes (psychonic)
    ? Daemon: Updated run_hlstats to now automatically change to the directory it's in (no longer do you have to CD before using script in cron!) (Packhead)
    ? Daemon: Updated run_hlstats to verify shebang line in is formatted correctly and binary exists (Packhead)
    ? Daemon: Moved connect message from Connect event to EnterGame event (to prevent display when banned users connect) (psychonic)
    ? Heatmaps: Greatly improved output quality of heat data (msleeper)
    ? General: Improved speed of generating awards for "mostkill", "suicides", "teamkills" (psychonic)
    ? Web: Server configuration parameter names are now read-only to avoid accidental changes (psychonic)
    ? Web: Id column is now hidden on most admin pages with EditTables as it serves little purpose to the user (psychonic)
    ! Web: Fixed paging issue on search page (psychonic)
    ! Web: Fixed JS error when selecting an admin task (psychonic)
    ! Web: Fixed lack of input box when adding new row in readonly EditListColumns (psychonic)
    Also note that SuperLogs:TF2 has been updated to version: 2.0.26

    If you notice any bugs/issues, let me know!

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    Re: HLXCE and SuperLogs:TF2 updated

    Thor, thanks for the great job!
    Yoda says: "With you may the grammar be. Yes hmmm."

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    Re: HLXCE and SuperLogs:TF2 updated


    [iO.Admin] hippychick: Danny, stop selling me.
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