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    woot, stoked,, just got mine. dang these things are nice who did them up for you guys.
    also my lappy/gamingRig just got shipped today so monday i get to slap it on and finely get back to shot'em up's

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    im going to send out the last three badges to the iO members who requested them. Our supply of iO case badges has now been depleted. We shall hopefully be doing another sticker order in some form soon.

    Shocker/COO of iOGaming
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    Thumbs up case badges

    shocker got mine and these things are REALLY COOL man thanks million
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    When you get another shipment, I'd be interested in ordering one.
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    I wouldn't mind getting a hold of one of those as well. I'd even buy w/ s/h
    - woke

    Thanks luna for siggy =D
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