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    Quote Originally Posted by Boondock View Post
    The month donated or a month since donation. Because I just donated on the 31st of August. Will my benefits disappear tomorrow?

    And what does this mean?:
    * 25 Bonus iO Rep Points
    * Increased offensive rep ability to 25%
    Wildfire is right in that for as long as you have your subscription/donation you will receive 25 extra rep points (for the subscription level described above) for that month to be used. The increased offensive rep ability is the percentage of your monthly rep that effects the user you + or - rep. This means if you have increased offensive rep ability to 25% and have 100 monthly rep points, then you + rep someone they will receive 25 rep points. A reminder though that your monthly rep points get reset each month while your total rep points is cumulative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slotty View Post
    Nice guide Wildfire. Only one thing missing.

    Note: You get the previous tiers and the current tiers worth of benefits unless one of the benefits is more powerful(like the weapon gibbs).
    You get every benefit regardless of another tier being "Higher" or "Better" in the !donormenu command, so every tier is present.
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    I can't wait to go back to work now, so I can be making money again and donateeee. The new system is so exciting!!

    Drugaholism is very serious. --TastyCake
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    So is it reset on the first of every month or a month after you donate... cause I'd hate to only have the benefits for one day?

    Quote Originally Posted by Elemntal View Post
    Hi. I'd help populate. Oh wait...

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    Very nice tutorial, I finally have a debit card so I guess it's time to donate!
    Trade games here for $1 a trade!
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