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    [How To] Downloading, Installing and Using Winrar!

    So I get PM's, Messages on Steam and even asked on Ventrilo to help people create .rars also known as creating an Archive, so I figure by posting this people will be able to create .rars without me having to explain it to them, enjoy!

    The following guide assumes you use 32 bit Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, with Mozilla Firefox as your primary browser. This guide uses my Custom Firefox theme, while it's not complete you can see some of the features of it in the Screenshot but I will not release it to the public for a while, additionally a custom Windows theme is present in this guide, while most of it was made by other people I have many, many, many tweaks done to it, so that's why my Theme may look odd for some people.

    Follow from Top to Bottom.

    What is an Archive?
    In simple terms an Archive is a single file that contains many files, Archives are commonly used for Uploading large amounts of Data like Pictures, Videos, Music and a lot of many other things.

    What are the Benefits of using Archives?

    • Archiving makes the total amount of Data used on the Hard Drive smaller due to the archive being "Compressed", the amount of compression is based completely on the program and the setting you use for compression. By default Winrar uses Medium Compression which results in slightly longer .rar creation time
    • Share large amounts of files over the Internet without the need to upload Multiple files, basically it's for your convenience and also the convenience of the people trying to download your content.
    • Archives can be password protected, the benefits of using a password are obvious, keep people out of files / folders that you don't want them to access, the strength of the password is completely based on the password you create, for maximum strength I would recommend using a 128 character password that contains Capital and Lower Case letters as well as various Symbols - the longer the password the harder to crack!
    • Due to the smaller file size the amount of time required to Download Files and the overall Bandwith used by the individual downloading (and Uploading) the file is generally lower then what it would be without the use of an archive. As an example steam uses Archives to download updates for large Game Updates, this lowers the amount of time needed to download the update!

    Downloading Winrar
    Step 1: Navigate to The Winrar Website

    Step 2:
    Click the "Downloads" button / text on the Left side of the web page, view the image below for an example of what it may look like on your System assuming you're awesome and use FireFox!

    Step 3:
    Once you're on the download page left click on the version of Winrar that is compatible with your system, for most people this will be WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 3.90, view the image below for information on where the download is located.

    Step 4: A window should pop up either starting the download or asking you to "Save" the file, for the sake of this guide we will assume that Winrar is downloaded to the Deskop, for an example on how to press "Save" view the image below.

    Installing Winrar

    Step 1: Double Click twice with your left mouse button on the Winrar Install file (wrar390.exe) to start the Installer, view the image below to see what the icon / installer looks like.

    Step 2: If an "Open File - Security Warning" should pop up Left click with your mouse button on the "Run" or "Open" option, for an example of the Security Warning I'm talking about view the image below.

    Step 3: After opening the installer a window will once again Pop Up using the powerful Windows Voodoo magic asking you to install, you can add a custom directory if you wish but I would recommend leaving it at the default directory. Simply Left click with your Mouse on the button that says "Install", for an example on how to do this view the image below.

    Step 4: Assuming Winrar is now finished installing another window will pop up (with that Voodoo magic I mentioned) that asks you which file extensions you'd like to associate with Winrar, I recommend selecting everything but JAR and ISO. After you have selected the File Extensions you want (View the screenshot for what your window should look like) Left click with your mouse on the "Ok" option. For an example of what the Window looks like view the image below and keep away from my Porn Stash you're not going in it.

    Step 5: Now that Winrar is really done installing left click with your mouse on the Done button, for an example of this step view the image below.

    Creating an Archive With Winrar
    Step 1: Create a Folder on your Desktop with the name you want your Archive to have, to do this Right Click with your mouse anywhere on the Desktop and go move down to the "New" option, once in the New Option Menu select "Folder". For this step I will be naming my folder "Secret Porn Stash!", you can name yours whatever you like but for the rest of my guide the Archive will be called "Secret Porn Stash!". For an example of this step view the image below.

    Red Arrow is the First Step, Green Arrow is the Second

    Step 2: Now find any of the files you want to be included with your archive (Secret Porn Stash!) and Copy or Cut them into the Archive Folder, to copy files Hold Control (Ctrl key) and select each file individually that you would like to move into the folder, after you have the files that you want to add to the archive press Control (Ctrl Key) and the "C" Key, this stands for "Copy" and open the Archive Folder (Secret Porn Stash) and press Control (Ctrl Key) and the "P" key, this is the command used to "Paste" files that have been copied.

    When thats done your folder should look something like the image below, notice I have a number of files in the folder, creating an Archive without files isn't the best thing to do as that defeats the purpose of creating an Archive.

    Pictures provided by UnCivil_Engineer and KillerMan

    Step 3: Left click with your Mouse on the Folder you want to turn into an Archive (Secret Porn Stash!) and select "Add to Secret Porn Stash!", the name will vary based on the name of the Folder. For an example of this please view the image below, keep in mind that you should only ever archive appropriate content, you never know who could get there hands on it if you choose to Upload it to the Internet!

    Step 4:
    You'll now see a Progress Window, this is standard stuff, when the archive is done being created the window will automatically close itself. The time it takes to create a .rar is based completely on the Size of the folder / file you're .raring, while small file sizes take a few seconds to minutes a large file (1 GB+) Can take as long as an hour or two. For an example of the window view the image below, don't pay attention to anything in the window as you don't need to do anything, the process is completely automatic.

    You're done!

    You now have a .rar / archive suitable for Uploading to sites like Mediafire, Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc. If people need a guide on how to upload a .rar to Mediafire I'll update this guide with the requested content for a small fee.

    Disclaimer: There are no inappropriate pictures of KillerMan or UnCivil_Engineer in my possession, the only person I know that has the images is That's Easy, feel free to contact him if you should want the Images!

    If this guide helped you consider donating to to keep guides like these on iOGaming, every bit helps the community, additionally if you're going to use this guide on your website please include this sentence in the guide, I can't make you do this but the guide is original content for provided by WildFire Enterprises Ltd.

    Copyright 1789 - 2738, WildFire Enterprises Ltd.

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    Fun Statistics
    1. Music Listened to while I wrote this guide can be found at the following Band Sites, Lower Definition, Ten Second Epic, Pendulum and Mobile.

    2. Guide written in about an hour (look at the times in the screenshots), this includes Image Creation, Uploading, Formatting, Spell Checking and not checking grammar because there's about 77 mistakes in it and I'm to lazy to check it and fix them.

    3. Join the Official Steam Community Bacon Group!

    4. I wasn't paid for writing this guide, you will be hearing from my lawyer shortly so I may collect the $0.73 I'm owed for my writers fee, additionally the $2.50 for my Bandwith Overage fee should be sent to me via mail. (I take payments in Doritos or T-Shirts too)

    5. Did you know Jack Thompson is Suing Facebook for $120 Million USD, read the Story HERE!

    Reserved for Future Updates - Sticky / Move to the "Faq & Stuff You Should Know" section if you wish (I can't post in there anymore, need Moderator for that section to do that :P), this guide is intended to help people with creating archives when uploading Music for iOGaming Radio. All music uploaded should be free of copyrights or used with permission of the Record Label / Band on / iOGaming Radio.
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    I think I'm dying. I appreciate it greatly dude. I'm slow when it comes to this stuff.

    ^^Props to Slotty for slaving over something so pretty.^^

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