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    Lightbulb Left 4 Dead 2 FAQs

    Left 4 Dead 2 FAQs? Yes, my iOers, I've been waiting for the new site release to throw my attempt at a L4D2 FAQ out there, and hopefully it will be as good at getting people hyped for the game as the first one, and I swear, this one will actually be updated!

    Q:But Sorak, there are no questions here! Why call them FAQs?
    A: Shut up.

    1. Plot
    2. Gameplay
    3. Enemies
    4. Weapons
    5. Areas
    6. System Reqirements, Videos


    Is been a bit since the first game, and this one takes us through the jouney of 4 people (shocker!), Coach, Rochelle, Ellis and Nick. Whatever the hell is turning people into f*cking zombies has spread to New Orleans, and spread over 5 campaigns, the game looks to be an epic tour de gore. There's still not much story save from the opening cinematic, and the writing on the walls, both of which return.


    I'll go through the Characters a bit more, they being the pretty much most important part of the atmosphere.

    Coach: A morbidly obese black stereotype. Guess what he does? Coaches football and eats fried poultry. Wearing a tight training shirt in Blue and Yellow doesn't help, it's a miracle that he can pick up a gun with fingers the size of holiday cheese log.

    Rochelle: A stick figured stereotype. This television news reporter thought that she had the perfect story, a zombie outbreak! Oh no!!! Being imune to the disease/infection/virus/project/militaryexperiment means that she survived to see the full brunt of the zombie appocalypse! How Ironic! Poor thing!

    Anthony: A white gambling addicting con man stereotype. A man who has dug himself into gambling holes manages to avoid getting roughed up by ol' Big Tony by GETTING CAUGHT IN A EFFING ZOMBIE ATTACK! HOW LUCKY. HE HAS A NICE SUIT TOO, GOOD TASTE, GOOD TASTE. *removes caps*

    Jason: A redneck mechanic stereotype. A fun loving mechanic from the south, he, well, he wears a nice hat! And supports Palin 2012!


    Gameplay remains mostly the same as Left 4 Dead, the Voice system returns with new voice actors.

    Even moreso than the previous instalment, this game is GORY. The zombies can be decapitated, have their limbs chopped off, and be raped. (One of these is untrue, bonus points if you can tell which one!)

    L4D2is a first person multiplayer online game available on the PC and 360.

    In L4D, you can play with yourself or with 3 friends controlling the 3 other characters.

    General features:
    5 Campaigns
    Full Voice Acting
    Cinematic effects (wet textures, fog, shadowing effects)
    Valve’s Achivement system, looks to have many of the same acheivements as the first instalment
    Versus, Normal Campaign, and Survival will all return, and be ready to play with all campaigns from day 1, along with an unannouced new mode! (wat cud it bee?)
    Amazing Artificial Intelligence, better than the first.
    Full friendly fire
    Cresendo moments have become "Gauntlet" Moments, and to prevent players from camping in a corner and waiting it out, they must reach a determined area away from the event to end it.

    2.1..................... AI Director

    The AI director is much more important in the second game. The Infected are done the same way, but the AI director carefully monitors the progress and skill level of players and applies them directly to the pathing, weather effects, and difficuly.


    *Common Infected: All common infected are created equal, and common infected consist of the infected which walk the streets, and make up the majority of your attackers.

    *Uncommon Common Infected: Each level has anywhere from one to a few types of Uncommon Common infected. They have the same health as normal infected, but each comes with it's own twist:

    Parish UCI:
    Hazmat Infected: Donning a Hazmat Suit, these zombies are immune to any and all things fire.
    Riot Infected: Infected Riot officers, these zombies are immune to all damage from the front, forcing survivors to attack from the back.

    Swamp Fever UCI:
    Mud Men Zombies: Crawling around on all fours, they prefer to hide in the murky swamps of the Swaplands, making them very hard to spot. They can only be seen by ripples approaching in the water, and when hit by a Mud Man, vision becomes obstucted by mud, similar to the boomer effect, though it does not attract other infected

    3.1............Special Infected- ALL PLAYABLE IN VERSUS

    *The Boomer is a obese Infected that can spew projectile vomit,blinding you and attracting many Infected to you. Boomers blow up when they die, spraying nearby Survivors with bile that also attracts the Infected.

    *The Hunter is an infected that enjoys waiting, stalking,waiting before BAM, he jumps on you, knocks you down, and procedes to disembowl you, but gives your team a ample amount of time to save you.

    *The Smoker has a long, tongue that can strangle Survivors and drag them away from their team mates, and procedes to spew smoke that causes your team to cough and be blinded over 3-4 seconds

    • The Tank, a huge, tall,and posses strength of biblical proportions, this is shown by him tossing about cars and concrete like feathers, able to take large amounts of damage, do NOT trust a tank as far as he can throw you! The Tank can appear in nearly every circumstance, but usually only about once a chapter in a stage, excluding the Finale, in which there are 2-3. The tank can generally be considered to be a boss.

    * The Witch is an infected that appears crying and sitting in a fetal position in every level taking place in the daytime, and is completely avoidable in most situations. If approaced with a flashlight or shot at, then the witch will charge and kill the attacker, and if not attacked by anyone else, will return to her place. In The Parish level, it is daytime, and she walks around like a normal infected.

    * The Charger is a one armed ram on crystal meth, and his main strengths are his ability to scale walls and his XTREME SPEED. He is designed to break up groups of survivors camping in small spaces. He may be able to be 1 shotted by certain melee weapons, and has 500+ health. He can appear during a tank attack, like all infected. His main attack is a Charge attack (DUH) that hurts anyone coming in contact him during his charge, although it should be noted that it seems he is unable to turn whilst charging.

    *The Spitter is what children that do drugs turn into, so watch out kiddies! The spitter has a range similar to the Smoker, and shoots bawlz of acidic phlemy stuff, which leaves a vaporic red streak, and upon colliding with something leaves a red/orange/green cloud of acidic pain that does around 5 damage each second.
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    The real star of Left 4 Dead 2 is no doubt the new weapons in the game, including melee weapons and special AMMO!!! OMGWTFBBQ!


    GUNS. BOOM BOOM. HERE THEY ARE! (along with their counterparts in Left 4 Dead)

    Pistols: Can still be dual weilded, the 2 pistols are the Sig Sauer and a Glock, there appears to be no difference in functionality at the moment

    Shotguns: Pump Shotgun (Tier 1)= Mossberg 500 Marine
    Auto Shotgun (Tier 2)= SPAS-12

    Assault Rifles: (Tier 1) MAC-10
    (Tier 2) FN SCAR

    Hunting Rifles: (Tier 1) Bolt Action Carbine (probably), now with 30 shots per magazine instead of 15!
    (Tier 2) Scoped H&K G3 (possibly), now with 30 shots per magazine instead of 15!

    AK47: Unsure what it's role is, but it's there! Maybe Tier 3?

    GRENADE LAUNCHER: SHOOTS GRENADES YAY. Less effective than a Pipe Bomb, but 1 hit can still kill multiple zombies, and it has a 30 round reserve, although it can only load one at once

    Mounted Machine Gun: Replaces older mounted Gatling Gun, has a limited amount of ammo, but is much more accurate.


    Left 4 Dead 2 Introduces new types of ammunition, which are equipped when picked up, giving one round of whatever you are shooting special effects!

    Incidentary Ammo: Sets whatever is shot ON FIRE, IM ON FIRE!!!! DOOOOOOOCCCCCTOOOOOORRRRR!. (it appears i am on fire......) Fire.

    Exploding ammo: Does extra damage and knocks back Infected.

    4.2.......... Melee Weapons

    Melee weapons, one of the most interesting additions to Left 4 Dead 2, are weapons that are picked up in a similar fashion to Gas Cans and Gas Tanks. When picked up they have both a main attack (swing) and a push attack, similar to the gun's push attacks.


    Fire Axe: The only one with a special effect defined already, if a person sneaks up to a witch with this equipped, the which is killed instantly when the axe is swung.

    Frying Pan

    Baseball Bat


    Cricket bat


    5.................Areas (in chronological game order.

    The Savana: No details at the moment, the first campaign in the story.

    (Carnival Campaign): This unnamed campaign will be set in the Whispering Oaks amusement park. After exiting Savana, the Survivors hit a traffic jam and have to head off the
    highway. Once they enter, they find that some rides are still operating. This level will contain a Clown Uncommon Infected and many carnival areas, although it's unspecified if the whole campaign will take place in the Carnival. Keep your arms and legs attached to your body at all times!

    Swamp Fever: This campaign consists of intertwined New Orleans swamplands and solid grounds with human settlements mixes in. It will be the first campaign to have only 4 chapters, although it will take the same amount of time to complete as the other campaigns. Muddy areas will slow the survivors, and the AI Director takes a bigger part here than any other. It can completely change some paths, or just control others, the AI can also create heavy rain, limiting vision.

    (4th unspecified campaign)

    The Parish: The Final campaign in the main stroy sequence, set in New Orleans, LA, it takes place in the daytime in an urban area, the goal of the map is to battle through the city in order to reach a military outpost.


    Left 4 Dead 2 is based off the Valve Source Engine, so anyone who has played Left 4 Dead or The Orange Box should be able to play Left For Dead 2. If you have never played a Valve Source game, then check a Source game at (minor Download Required)

    HUGE thanks to Valve, iO, and left4dead411 for help with this guide, I worked hard on this guide, and I hope it's fun to read for everyone

    I love iO and this is why I did the guide. Crayola, Nicky, and all admins have provided so much to everyone, and provided endless great nights to me and so many others. It's because of them iO thrives, and will continue to. To iO!

    Left 4 Dead Videos:

    Comic-con Interview:

    Premier Video:
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    Nice FAQ

    Looking forward to the updates!

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    I'll post something up if/when I get through the 2hrs line to play it this weekend. About the gameplay.
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    nice FAQ man keep it up
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    This thread isn't sticky yet?
    Nice L4D FAQ's as usual.

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    Can't wait for L4D2, I played the shit out of Dead Rising, DR2 looks really fun.
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    "Riot Infected: Infected Riot officers, these zombies are immune to all damage from the front, forcing survivors to attack from the front"

    Uhhhhh.. bwah? Quick, the heavy is uber! every scout run up and smack em with a melee weapon, that'll hurt em! (no, not including bonk!)

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    Not all the special infected are playable in versus (witch). And i think you meant to say attacking from the back. But good FAQ

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    Heheheh boondock, ya.. I was just being a pain in the butt A very good FAQ though!

    Maybe the AK-47 is brought in just to round out the references to other steam games...

    Baseball bat + bonk sound: TF2 (not forgetting the cereal)
    AK-47: Counterstrike
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    Re: Left 4 Dead 2 FAQs

    Cannot wait for the new updates

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    Re: Left 4 Dead 2 FAQs

    great info...i'll have to give my friend this link he's new to have a lot of time on your hands...

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    Re: Left 4 Dead 2 FAQs

    Kind of outdated info...the Witch is either a Wandering Witch or a Weeping Witch (as I like to call them). Wandering Witches are easier to avoid IMO and also easier to shoot by accident (since they look like common infected at first glance or from a distance). The AI director chooses whether or not to give you a Wandering Witch or a Weeping Witch. I've seen them in every campaign, not just Parish.

    Also, wtf, Anthony and Jason?

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    Re: Left 4 Dead 2 FAQs

    Nice FAQ. Needs some updating though.
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