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    Steam - playstation article.

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    Re: Steam - playstation article.

    It seems cros-platform gaming isn't impossible now. But also it will take much time for Valve and Sony to make this dream come true. Portal 2 is going to be the 1st step.
    But I can only dream about a day, when it will be possible to buy PS3 exclusive games in Steam for PC.

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    Re: Steam - playstation article.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister_Hell View Post
    But I can only dream about a day, when it will be possible to buy PS3 exclusive games in Steam for PC.
    Oh god yea. I'd love to get Little Big Planet for PC, but i'd also love Skate to somehow be on PC. Maybe use the mouse to flick the board?
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    Re: Steam - playstation article.

    Nice find bud !

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