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    Hard drive reliability

    A reliability study of Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital drives. Put it this way, if you've got Seagate drives start backing up.

    Hard drive reliability study names names - The Tech Report
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    Re: Hard drive reliability

    Interesting.. Hitachi
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    Re: Hard drive reliability

    I forgot Hitachi made drives. Actually, I forgot Hitachi existed. What do they even do lol?
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    Re: Hard drive reliability

    This isn't as reliable as you think; look at the source blog for more information. That said, Seagates haven been infamous for their high failure rates since late 2008 atleast.

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    Re: Hard drive reliability

    I've always avoided Seagate like the plague. Haven't had a good rep as long as I've been building PCs.
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    Re: Hard drive reliability

    I've had about 3 Seagates and 2-3 WD. Only had one HD failure out of the amount of time I've had them and I'm not convinced it was a HD failure vs a shortage from my waning power supply.

    All of my HD are well over 3 years old. 1 WD and 1 Seagate are running still fine at 7+. As for bad sectors maybe a few but nothing to be concerned at 7 years old.
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    Re: Hard drive reliability

    Hitachi drives had their problems before also, their Deskstar series were called "DeathStar". I have a few hdd collection myself and so far I have 1xToshiba, 1xMaxtor and 1xHitachi fail. Hitachi's are now owned by WD btw.
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