I'm bald!!! :o

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by , 08-22-2010 at 02:41 AM (1831 Views)
Do you want to know why? It is because I shaved my head. All that beautiful hair you see in my photo? Gone! I am BALD. Baldy, baldy, bald. Oh-my-God, Bald... You can see your face on my head it is so shiny and BALD! :3 Ye-e-e-es... I am. I will post a photo soon just because I can. Man, I wonder what the folks will think.. I was supposed to celebrate my 19th birthday this Saturday at my grandmothers with a full head of hair. That wasn't a requirement, but I know they're expecting to see me with hair. Will my father kick me out?? I know I can't get a job... That's not why I cut my hair. I cut my hair because I screwed up the bangs I tried to do and, not only that, I tried to cut it before and jacked it up. Oh well. I wanted to shave my head for a while. Hm... I can write on my head now, you know. That is awesome, I think. Don't you think?? I think so, yes. Right, pictures, soon... My parents are going to seriously kill me... Oh my god they are going to kill me God help me!! D:

*cry* I can't help but feel awesome, too... *awesome and crying* Oh well... I can't glue it back on now can I? Nope. I'll just have to deal with the consequence of my action. A very stupid action ought to get me horribly scorned. I have no one to blame but myself.
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  1. 1up_dave's Avatar
    Wigs were created for a reason. You might look good without the hair, though. Some women can pull it off right.
  2. AriMich's Avatar
    I can actually I have a perfectly round head.
  3. DooD's Avatar
    ok Pics or it did not happen.... LOL
  4. AriMich's Avatar
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  5. Trixsy's Avatar
    Wow, you have balls (: it's something I used to always want to do (long story) but never had the guts to do it. looks good, you weren't kidding about your well-shaped head.
  6. AriMich's Avatar
    Hahah, thanks!!
  7. Lionmouth's Avatar
    my head is not well shaped
  8. Sleepyk2's Avatar
    I haven't cut my hair for month....
  9. AriMich's Avatar
    I am sorry for your miss-shaped head lion.... and sleepy, how long is it??
  10. McChicken's Avatar
    I have seen many girls lately that have done the same as you, they just didn't want to deal with hair, but hey its not like a tat or something, it grows back they cant be too upset about it, its not like it gone for good
  11. AriMich's Avatar
    Nopers it's not gone for good! It actually looks super funky right now growing out. It's at that stage where, "It's getting longer, but it's sticking straight up!" I have lots of body and curly hair so it's gonna be crazy the first inch it grows xD
  12. nipple ants's Avatar
    Lol, I have more hair on my face than that!
  13. AriMich's Avatar
  14. nipple ants's Avatar
    how much hair did you have before?
  15. AriMich's Avatar
    A lot.. it was down/past my shoulders.