An adventure.

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I posted this on the beta when we first got the chance to test the blog feature. So now I share it with all of you!!

WARNING explicit language!!

It was just starting to turn warm in Colorado at the end of my junior year of High School in '83. My buddy stopped by and wanted me to go with him to the Army recruiter because he was gonna sign up... So I went with him and suddenly found myself alone with Sgt. First Class Rodriguez, he put a tape in the machine and turned on the TV and all I seen was guns, explosions, and all the trimmings and I was hooked, Infantry leads the way. Well in order for me to get in being just 17, my mother would have to sign the papers too. To tell the truth I did not know if she would but she did and it was the best thing my mother ever did for me.

OK, now off to the M.E.P.S. Station in Denver Co. An over night stay in a nasty hotel and and all day experience of " Hurry up and wait" poked and prodded and interviewed. This was in April. Boy did I get used too. After it was all finalized and the paper worked filed I lost most of my free time to SFC. Rodriguez and the Army to help add to the ranks. I got one set of BDU's, boots, and a hat to look the part. The only benefit I got out of this was the rank of PFC. when it was time to go to basic. I'll return to this so called benefit in a moment. Well June showed up way to fast and it was time to go to Basic at FT. Benning Ga. For any of you out there Georgia + June = Fracking HOT But first there was a stop at Ft. Jackson Sc. for inprossesing. We got our clothes, and physicals and those dam shots... Well it was 2 weeks of Drill Sgt's yelling and screaming at us, Oh and there were Females in the barrics next to us which created lots of CHAOS and MAYHEM, we were put on buses and shipped off to FT benning.

We arrived around 3 pm and the buss pulled up to this new looking building, the doors opened and this huge Drill Instructor stepped into the bus and he said " Welcome to Sand Hill, you got 10 seconds to get off of my buss and five of them are gone." It was nothing but assholes and elbows to get off of the bus. As we exited there were what seemed like thousands of Smokey the Bear hats out there like predators waiting to eat you alive. "PICK UP A DUFFEL BAG I DON'T CARE WHO'S IT IS AND STACK IT OVER THERE." He points to a spot on the wall of the building. Now 60 guys trying to move these heavy duffel bags in 95 * heat with 89% humidity with your clothes sticking to your body in ways it never should have, it was like the Keystone cops on crack.
Then we were told to get in formation. Now the formation area was an open area under the barrics, with the first floor being over our heads. this was the only shade and we were all grateful for it. Then we were tasked one squad or 10 men at a time to go get your duffel From the stacks and you had just a few mins to do this. after standing there for what seemed like hours everyone had a bag and then the shake down started. They descended on us like Vultures looking for any scrap of meat to eat. Well I just happened to have an unopened deck of cards from the plane ride and as they dumped my bags contents all over the ground, the deck of cards tumble out and land at that big Drill Instructors feet. I swear his face turned redder then a fresh beet, he picked up the deck and then he looked at me and said, " Groth what you gonna do with these cards here? You gonna gamble in my barrics?" I was scared out of my mind. He opened the deck and handed it to me. He then instructed me to play 52 card pick up as he slapped the deck out of my hand. well the next 30 mins was the first time that I knew I was in hell. I picked up and picked up those cards till I thought I was gonna pass out. then it ended as soon a s it started and it was chow time. Now Eating was a chore in its self. You lined up in front of a set of monkey bars and had to traverse them then do 25 push ups then get into the next line. The only problem was the monkey bars were encased by a metal tube that spun making it very hard to grip and it tore your hands up to the point that they would bleed. the kicker was that where you did your push ups there were hand prints in the concrete from the hands of past people stained by the blood from there hands.....
once you were in line it was a mad dash to get your food sit down and stuff it down your neck before the Drill Instructor told you to get up and leave. well my time was up and I dashed to put up my tray when I ran into my favorite DI. Let the push ups commence. what a shitty day this was turning out to be.

So this was just a taste of my first days in the Army Infantry.
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  1. 1up_dave's Avatar
    I love it! I've always wanted to join the military, but unfortunately, I had some health issues get in the way. Stories like these make me want to join even more.

    I'm definitely subscribing to your blog!
  2. Spork1997's Avatar
    Lol "Let the push ups commence" You should be writing a book, not a blog. Good Job.