First day of reclassifying my MOS.

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by , 07-16-2010 at 07:00 AM (1462 Views)
Ok so I told you all about my first day of Benning and there will be more to follow on that. I wanted to become a 19D (calvary scout) so I was sent to Ft. Knox. If you have ever seen the movie Stripes you know the place where they got there hair cut? well that was the Reception Station. I got there at around 2200 hours thats 10 pm, for you civilians. I was told to get some rack time and after chow in the morning I would get my assignment. Well I was up at 5 and ready by 5:30 for chow. Did not know a soul so I fell in line and waited for the doors to open. I saw alot of scared kids even though I was not much older I knew what to expect. But the Drill Sgts. were calm no yelling or bitching. I thought this was gonna be a breeze. So When I was up for my chow I grabbed as much as they would give me and a spoon, found a seat alone, and proceeded to stuff it all down in about 2 mins. I stood up and took my tray to the rack and was stopped by a Drill, I was like crap what now.... but he told me to turn around so I did and snapped to parade rest. He then addressed the rest of the people in the mess. " I want you all to stand up!" he said in a loud voice. It was so quite you could hear a pin drop after they all stood. "Your all done with chow. Groth here is the example you will follow from now on when you are in my chow hall!" he yelled. I was like AWWWWW shit. " Groth here was almost the last one in my chow hall and he is the first one done? " Pick up your trays and get outa my mess hall!" needless to say after it was said and done there were a few that did not like me at all. After that I went to my room and started to square away my crap so if there was a surprise inspection or any other bull I would be ready for it. Instead I got some ass that wanted to kick my ass cause he did not get his meal that morning. He was all pissed off at me and I was not gonna deal with this bullshit. I stepped to him before he had any chance, did a basic hip throw and slammed him to the ground. I then took all the fight from him by putting my foot on his Adams apple and with a bit of pressure ask him if he was done. His eyes were as big as dinner plates. He nodded in compliance and I pushed just a bit more and then released him. After that everyone pretty much left me alone which was fine with me.
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  1. Whoami's Avatar
    Nice dude. I was 19K Spend my AIT / Basic in Knox.