New Fracking JOB WOOT!!!!!

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by , 07-20-2010 at 08:53 PM (1781 Views)
So today was my second day on the job.... Fuck am I am tired 21 hours in 2 days. But the Job is looking better and better, Yesterday was all a blur. I remember faces and a slim few of the numerous places in the back roads of W.V. that we stopped at to pickup uniforms and shop rags, assorted Rugs and mops and well there is a Bunch of stuff. And in exchange we give them clean fresh clothes.
OK Randy is the Boss and he is fucking funny as shit. Red neck to the bone. He will be teaching me the ropes for the next 3 weeks fuck I hope I can keep up. He is like 6'1" 210 and I would not fuck with him.
and always loud with the customers. Vice like hand shake. I would post a pick bit I fear the iO lasses would swoon. He is straight up and I better learn or else. I work well under pressure and fear. Naw Randy is cool, his shit is in a tight group, cuss a blue streak then spit. Kinda cocky. Its been a crazy 2 days and more to come I am sure. Today I retained a very small % of what Was said or done. Oh and its just Randy and I.. like This job I do. I'll post more tomorrow

Now the second part of this is kinda sad. New Job= No LAN for DooD.. I am very sad That I will not be able to make this Great get together this year. YEA for employment BOOOOO for enjoyment
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  1. 1up_dave's Avatar
    NOOOO!!!! Bad news! Yet good news at the same time. Sucks that we won't get to meet you at the first LAN, but there will always be more. We'll make sure to enjoy ourselves a little bit extra, for you.
  2. krustie's Avatar
    Awesome you got the job DooD! Congratulations.
    Too bad you can't get to the lan because of it tho...
  3. DooD's Avatar
    Thanks guys Play some for I hope there will be a vent up and a web cast? I will sure be there in my mind.
    I know it will be crazy cool and I hope to see some of you in iO servers playing it up.
  4. 1up_dave's Avatar
    Trust me, there will be a webcast. Should have the webcam and a stream of my screen at the same time. Still working out technical details, but you'll definitely be able to see something!