Reality Web Series The Controller - Pros vs Noobs

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by , 12-10-2011 at 09:30 AM (1740 Views)
GameSpot and Battlefield 3 teamed together to bring us a new web reality series named The Controller.

What is The Controller?

It's time to lock and load, fellow gamers! GameSpot and Battlefield 3 are teaming up to bring you The Controller, a reality Web series unlike any you've seen before. Starting Friday, October 21, on our official YouTube channel, the show will bring together 12 professional gamers and total noobs to compete in various challenges, both in the game and on the field. Under the watchful eye of our host, professional skier and Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley, the contestants will battle it out in daily challenges designed on scenarios from the game.

The The Controller get together 12 people. 6 are professional games 6 are noobs. They will compete against each other in various challenges, both in game playing and on the real field. The host for hte show will be Jonny Moseley, who is a pro skier and a Olympic gold medalist. The pros will team up with the Noobs. 6 teams of pro+noob. The twist of the game: The Pros are not allowed to tuch the controller during gameplay.

I will be posting here the videos for the series. So sit back and enjoy a great reality game.



Episode 1: "Boot Camp"

Episode 2: "Blind Eye"

Episode 3: "Bombs Away"

Episode 4: "Firefight"

Episode 5: "Buried Alive"

Episode 6: "Wired"

Episode 7: "Leave No Man Behind"

Episode 8: "Finale"

Battlefield 3 Finale Wrap-up with Mrs. Violence and TSquared


Check the website for more info:
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