I have a blog and I must scream

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by , 08-31-2011 at 11:44 PM (950 Views)
Who knew?
I haven't been to the iO forums in a long time, haven't been playing much TF2 in a long time either. But lately I've been on the servers a little more and playing some of the game I love again. I'd forgotten just how much fun TF2 can be, especially when you can play with some good people.
The iO servers are some of my favorites and are always good for some fragalagalicious goodness.
So I just wanted to test this thing out a bit, you guys have done a great job with iO over the years, and this bloggy-thing-a-ma-jig looks really cool. I dunno what all those buttons up there do but I imagine there's some cool shit up there.

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  1. KRosen's Avatar
    lol win name wins.
  2. NiCKYNiTRO's Avatar
    lol! Welcome back dude!!!