Friday's Game - Plants Vs Zombies

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by , 03-18-2011 at 11:00 AM (1559 Views)
So... This is my first blog post, of all time. I was checking the website and the forums to get a hold of what goes on people's minds over here before I did anything specific. And I ended up finding this option, which I think, kicks ass. With that in mind I was set with a new obstacle. Writing a blog, but about what? As much as I enjoy living my life I think that a daily/weekly update on how things are here isn't really interesting. So I thought about what my passions are. I love finances, accounting and such. That's cool and I think I might end up writing about it as well in the future. But if there is one thing besides make up that I just spend it all in is... Games. I am crazy about games overall. Card, board, video, all of them. I play pokémon tcg, magic: the gathering, wii, ps3, xbox (dance central is a lot, LOT of fun), psp, ds and so on. So why not write a small review about a game I'm really into at the moment or talk about a game that I am waiting a lot to get my hands on? With that set, fridays will be my Friday's Game day. I can't garantee that I'll keep posting on a weekly basis, but at least bi-monthly is my goal.


Plants vs Zombies

Availuable platforms: Computer, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Nintendo DS, Xbox, browser (that's all I know so far, though they are making a board game)

You can try it for free here.
You can buy it on steam here, it's 9,99USD and it goes on sale from time to time, dropping to 5USD.

My overall grade: 10/10

Plant vs Zombies is on the top of the games I played the most. I'm even thinking about making a tattoo with a potato or a singing sunflower. It is really fun, funny and addictive. You also don't have to stay sit for hours straight just to play. You can play one stage and leave. It also has a LOT of extras, which is a really neat thing for after you beat the adventure mode. It has achievs, so if you're an achiev whore like me you'll be somehow not all satisfied (with the achievs for the pc, and for the ds) with the complexity and difficulty to get them (the iPod touch & company ones are actually pretty hard to obtain).

Gameplay: 10/10

It is a tower defense game. However, it's not like most tower defense games, hence it's wow factor. It's a 2d game, and you have a lawn, yours, which you have to defend from a horde of zombies hungry for brains, yours. You get x slots for seeds (you can buy more later on), and you get 5 rows to plant those seeds, which will be plants, each with it's own unique hability, who will fight off the zombies. The currency to buy more seeds is sunlight, which can be obtained 2 ways: from a sunflower/sun mushroom, and on day levels from the sky.

Game modes:

*Adventure Mode
This is, at first, the only mode you can play in. You'll be able to unlock most of the plants and the other modes by playing the adventure mode. It will put you on different 10 level stages, going from day, night time, day with pool, night with fog and roof. The zombies will also change depending on the stage you're playing.

There are about 20 mini games on the computer version. There is a LOT of reference to other PopCap games, such as insanaquarium, bejeweled and bejeweled twist. (Understand a LOT of reference as: you'll be playing those games but in a Plant vs Zombies world).

There are 2 puzzles on PVZ, the I Zombie, where you'll be the zombie team trying to invade the lawn; and the vase breaker mode, which you'll break vases to get plants to fend off zombies who are inside the other vases.

Well, the name says it all. How many flags(hordes) can you survive?

*Zen Garden
You can plant plants there to get more money to buy upgraded plants, more stuff for your garden such as other scenarios.

Soundtrack 10/10

I'm really, really annoying when it comes to music. I have HUGE standards since I play the piano since I was 3. Laura Shigihara was the one who made the soundtrack of the game, and it's really, really well made. It's very puzzle-ish, and yet it's not boring, you don't get fed up by it even if you keep playing for hours straight.
Also, play the credit song if you plan on playing it. There's a zombie on your lawn.

Final concerns:

The game is a lot of fun. What frustrates me though is that after you beat the game once, you have to farm for money to be able to buy everything. It is cool on one side, you have to play it a lot to unlock everything, but then again, some people just want to finish it once and be able to do everything. Apart from the stuff being sold being too expensive, it's a great, great game overall. I bought an iPod Touch just so I could play it. I have it on DS, PC and iTunes, planning on getting the one for XBox as well. As I said before, you can play for short periods of time, but if you sit to finish it, you can do it in about 4-6hours I think. It's not really long, but it's a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.


Well I guess that's it. I hope you guys like it, and if possible, give me a feedback to see what else I should put into the posts, what more you'd like to see, maybe some games for me to write about.


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    Great game!