Alien Swarm - "Facility" Custom Campaign

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by , 07-24-2010 at 12:15 AM (2512 Views)
For those of you not in the know, Alien Swarm is a third-person shooter action game Valve recently released to the public for free. Myself and several of my friends both locally and on iO have found it to be incredibly fun, but as it stands there is only one campaign to play.

Fortunately, with the game Valve has also included the full SDK for developing your own sharable campaigns, and I am attempting to take full advantage of that.

And so it begins.

Campaign: Facility
Level 1: Ingress

The basic idea behind this starting level is to start the players on the exterior of an infested facility of unknown (even to me at this point) purpose. I want to try to use it as a way to slowly introduce the players to the full breadth of the infestation by have a gradual increase in swarm activity.

The first area will have no enemy contact as players are dropped on an exterior helipad and must infiltrate the outer gates of the complex.



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  1. KRosen's Avatar
  2. Trixsy's Avatar
    Looks super good! You must have a REALLY good tester!!
  3. Kyon's Avatar
    ... am I the only one who feels that this should be a great campaign?
  4. Daniel Jackson's Avatar
    Looking good, keep it up