A War in Space (Part 1 of 6)

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by , 01-30-2011 at 04:56 PM (1049 Views)
Heres my first fiction writing. Hope you enjoy it. Please comment on it, wether you like it or not. If you are critisizing it please do it constructively so I can improve my skills. Remember I will add to the storyline every Sunday and Wednesday. Enjoy!

A War in Space
(Part 1 of 6)
After World War Three

A brief history---

2167--- The United Russian Provinces (U.R.P.) takes over most of Southern Asia, Europe, and Northwestern Africa, beginning Russia's invasion of the world and thus sparking nuclear war with the U.N. This would become WWIII

2184--- Russia spreads its forces too thin in the Pacific and the U.N. punches through all the way to Moscow. With its capital overrun, Russia surrenders to the U.N. However, there are consequences to playing with nuclear weapons...

2232--- Humanity leaves behind a radioactive world and the oh-so-important land they had been fighting over in self sustaining generation ships, hoping to find a suitable planet for their needs.

2267--- Humanity settles on a new world...

Fast-forward to 2312. A green world in the Alpha Centauri system has been colonized for 45 years. Three generations of humans have grown up now, all looking at a different sun then their great grandparents did.

Humanity 'thrives' now. With the fossil fuels of this new world they have done away with renewable energy sources, like solar and wind fields and geothermal plants. They choose instead to pollute the new planet's air like their ancestors once did to the old one. They will have to learn once again that there will be consequences later on.

Within years of the colonization, the United Nations takes all the new land for themselves, leaving nowhere for the colonists of other countries to live (The U.N.'s generation ships left years before other countries', and therefore arrived first.). The new colonists were taken into the new world as slaves to the U.N. people. Big mistake on the U.N.'s part. The U.N., outnumbered 20 to 1 by the slaves, soon was thrown into a civil war. Eventually the slaves became more organized. Political leaders and wealthy slave owners built bunkers for themselves, communicating and running the government by satellites. How could the rebellions affect them now?
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  1. cash3345's Avatar
    Cool story, i like where it is going with the plot. I think it could use a little more detail. You are spreading it to thin, just like your U.R.P.'s armies, if you continue without much detail your story will break out in nuclear war to.
  2. LightNiN's Avatar
    Yea don't be so brief be detailed and imaginitive but a good start nonetheless.
  3. Spork1997's Avatar
    Yeah i see where your coming from. also this kind of history lesson will NOT be the whole tale. after this boring background info we start getting to the good stuff. This was kind of just a prologue.