A war in Space (Part 3 of 6)

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Heres number three. Enjoy! Remember comments are welcome and appreciated!

A War in Space
(Part 3 of 6)
The Plan of Attack

The plan was to vaporize the Comms Satellite with the comet drill built onto the hull of the mining ship. What they didn't expect was that there were 4 automated turrets built onto the satellite AND 2 armed probes. Lets just say the miners were outnumbered.

“What the hell, man?” John yelled as the sensor data came in. “We're dead. Just plain and simple. If we even point our thrusters toward it it'll shoot the hell out of us!”

“Its da only way. Our drill is da only thing we have to destroy it with!” Max answered in his thick German accent.

“Shut up you frikkin Nazi! You're sure there's no other way?”

“Hell man. Short of killing ourselves there really ist no other way!”

“Killing ourselves or killing ourselves? Which option shall I choose?” John mumbled sarcastically. “Here's an idea. We just call the whole damn thing off and go home.”

Dilon had been watching the whole argument thinking about any options. He found one. “There is another way.”

“Yeah? Bull sh-”

“Just listen,” Dilon interrupted. “If we put the ship on autopilot-”

“We would crash into the damned thing and die.” John finished incorrectly.

“And then took the escape pod and got out before we crashed into it we would survive.”

“Why not just throw da escape pod at da satellite?” Max asked.

“I've been thinking about that. The escape pod doesn't have any autopilot so it would be hard to shoot it in the right direction. Also the escape pod can't be picked up by the type of sensors the satellite has.”

“So if it can't be picked up by sensors it would be da perfect projectile.”

“Or the perfect escape vehicle. You see, the ship CAN be picked up by sensors. It also has an autopilot capability. If we were to try to escape in the ship we would be blasted to pieces. If the pod can't be picked up easily with the sensors the ship will get the attention of the lasers, letting us land at home untouched. All we would have to do is put some of the ceramic shield tiles on the underside of the pod for re-entry. The ship can take some abuse from lasers since its so bulky. It should still be in a pretty massive piece when it hits the satellite.”

“Lets get to work on those tiles then.” John announced.
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