A War in Space (Part 4 of 6)

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by , 02-09-2011 at 05:34 PM (1570 Views)
Okay heres the fourth installment in my series. Hope you like it. Comments are welcomed and appreciated. Also plz remember that I will not be able to post on Sunday cause ill be ice fishing. Thanks and enjoy!

A War in Space
(Part 4 of 6)
Dead Men

The ceramic tiles were welded into place on the underside of the escape pod. Personal items along with food for a week was loaded on board. All was ready as the ship grew nearer to the satellite. The autopilot was set and the pod was prepped for launch.

At first all that could be seen was the inky darkness of the void. Then a star appeared, growing larger by the minute. Then came the recorded transmission from the satellite.

“Warning. You have entered zone three. Please depart from the Comms Satellite immediately. If you enter zone two you will have five minutes before you are fired at. If you enter zone one you will be fired at immediately.”

But the comet miners did not hear this message. They were in the escape pod already.

“Warning. You have entered zone two. You have five minutes to back down before you are fired at. If you enter zone one you will be destroyed.”

“Now, Johnny, now!” Shouted Dilon.

“Not yet!” John yelled back. “We will launch once the first shot hits! Otherwise we might be detected and both crafts will be shot down.”

“You have entered zone one. Prepare to be destroyed.”

All hell broke loose at that moment. The ship shuddered under the impact of the laser bursts. Panels shook free of the hull and were thrown out into the void. The front compartment of the ship lost pressure and part of the ship imploded. The escape pod launched out into the cold vacuum of space. A stray laser burst nicked the rear of the pod. It felt like they were being thrown into a blender. The power on the pod went out and the crew was thrown into darkness. Max watched out of the window the destruction of the ship. Then there was an enormous light as the ship made contact with the satellite. And then it was dark again.

The lights came back on after a few moments and Max booted up the terminal next to him. He typed in a command.


Technical words and number sequences flashed up on the screen. Then a window opened up. A red glow illuminated the cabin.

“Shit!” Yelled Max “Scheiße!!!”

“What is it?” Asked Colyn expectantly.

“The main fuel and oxygen tanks have been punctured.” Max whispered with a look of fear, or perhaps, realization.
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    Do you guys read this? cause if you dont i can just not finish this...